Goodie Box Review: The Puff Pack

July 19, 2017


The Puff Pack is the latest in our line up of stoner goodie boxes, featuring everything the modern-day cannabis enthusiast needs to maintain their stoner game!

Level 1: Economist – $1 Per Month

If your budget is tight and you’re only looking for the essentials, the Economist Puff Pack – priced at just $1 – gives you everything you need for a super low price. For just $1, you’ll receive:

  • Raw Rolling Papers
  • Raw Crutch Papers
  • Standard Lighter

For that price, you just can’t go wrong! Usually, quality rolling papers like Raw retail for over $1 on their own, so you’re making a pretty significant saving here.

Level 2: Mediator – $9 Per Month

If your needs are a little more varied, for a slightly higher monthly investment of $9, you can receive the following items in the Mediator Puff Pack:

  • Raw Rolling Papers
  • Raw Crutch Papers
  • Bic Lighter
  • Hemp Wick
  • Clear Eyes Eyedrops
  • Doob Toob
  • + Mystery Item

The value of these items if purchased in-store is $23, so you’re saving well over 50% on this deal!

Level 3: Artisan – $19 Per Month

If you’re truly serious about your stoner supplies, you may want to consider the Artisan Puff Pack, which comes fully loaded with pretty much everything a stoner could possibly want in a goodie box!

  • Raw Rolling Papers
  • Raw Crutch Papers
  • Bic Lighter (Mini)
  • Hemp Wick
  • Clear Eyes Eyedrops
  • Grinder
  • Bowl Screens
  • Doob Toob
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • + a Mystery GLASS Piece

What you pay in-store: $55 or more!

The Premium Pack – $69 Per Month

The most select smoking goodie box out there! Hand-picked by cannabis experts to ensure you get the best smoking experience possible. The Premium Puff Pack is always valued at $100 or more.

• Highest Quality Glass: Premium Glass of the Month (worth $80+)
• Premium Glass Cleaning Agent: 420®
• 5 Pipe Cleaners
• RAW Black Rolling Papers®
• RAW Filter Tips®
• Glass + Silver Bowl Screens
• RAW Hemp Wick®
• 2 Hemp Wraps (Mango)
• Herb Humidifier & Freshener Pack: Boveda®
• Premium Chrome Lighter: Clipper Lighter®
• Eye Drops: Clear Eyes®
• Doob Tube®

All of that for just $69! You really can’t go wrong at that price.

Mystery Pack – $23 Per Month

A fresh, randomized pack every month!

Receive Puff Pack’s glass of the month, plus 5-7 mystery items.

Mystery items may come from the website, or anywhere else in the world!

Always worth $35+ in-store

What Does International Highlife Think?

Cool options for a very fair price. What’s extra cool is that you can customize your box and add various other items like extra papers, crutches, hemp wicks, and so on. One of the major drawbacks to the standard boxes is that they typically contain just one pack of papers – so having the option to add more is pretty much a necessity for most serious stoners! Get your own pack here!




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