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12 Fantastic Gifts to Wow Your Stoner Mom This Mother’s Day

What do you get the mom who loves weed? If your mother actually had to put up with you all those years — or if the mother of your children is putting up with you now — then she deserves a break more than just about anybody else. 

Sure, you could just give your mom some weed, but why not actually put some thought into your gift? It’s the least you could do.

Lucky for you, we did the thinking part already and compiled a selection of thoughtful gifts for that special woman in your life. All that’s left for you to do is to choose one to show your appreciation this Mother’s Day. Whether your mom is just canna-curious or already a full-blown stoner, with the help of your Mother’s Day gift guide you’re sure to find her something that she’ll love.

For the mom who loves baking (and getting baked) 

1. MagicalButter infuser

The MagicalButter infuser

The gift that says “Mom, I bought you a brand new appliance that will help you make edibles quicker and easier than ever before!” The MagicButter infuser is “the world’s first countertop botanical extractor,” (according to the company, historians may dispute this) and it will allow mom to make her own cannabutter, weed oils, tinctures – and a whole lot more – in no time. 

Does your mom love to cater parties? Make amazing weed tinctures to give to friends? Is she looking to set up her own pandemic-era quasi-legal edibles company? The MagicalButter Infuser has her covered.

➡️ Get the MagicalButter botanical extractor for her.

2. LEVO II Oil Infuser

The MagicalButter infuser

If the thought of gifting a kitchen appliance for Mother’s Day makes you shudder, the LEVO II oil infuser is the way to go. Yes, it’s an appliance, but this machine is so smart, it does all the work for you. Like the MagicalButter, it automatically extracts all the good stuff out of dry herb, and according to the company, activates “more tastes, scents, colors, and more.”

Unlike the MagicalButter, the Levo II is very smart — it stores your infusing history and has a time and temperature calculator and library of recipes to make things easy for mom, or you, when you decide to visit and do laundry/make weed extracts while watching Project Runway with mom.

➡️ Buy her the LEVO II oil infuser.

3. Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed
Bong Appetit

We’ve all gotten high before having dinner at mom’s, but what if you could cut out the middle man? This book by the good folks who brought you Viceland’s ‘MUNCHIES’ series is a beautiful, classy, and sophisticated (like mom!) guide to the world of cooking with cannabis. 

It breaks down the science of edibles and marijuana in general and includes a handy and very visual guide to the equipment and herb you’ll need to get started. That’s in addition to sixty-five mouth-watering recipes ranging from coconut crab gratin to cucumber and citrus salad, french bread pizza, and a whole host of meat, seafood, and chicken dishes, as well as more than enough weed desserts to give you another reason to (finally) go visit your mom.

➡️ Get her the book here.

For the Mom Who Loves Growing (Weed)

4. A Pot for Pot kit

The Pot for Pot grow kit

This 5-gallon grow kit from APotforPot.com is an all-in-one, can’t-mess-this-up way for first-timers to grow their own marijuana plant. 

It contains everything you need to grow weed at home — including a seed germination kit, pot drain saucer, soil, beneficial bacteria, a spray bottle, growing guide, and about a dozen other handy supplies that should have mom raising a new (favorite) child in no time. The kit also comes with 24/7 grow support and it is perfect for growing a single 3-6 foot plant on a balcony or out in the garden. 

➡️ Check out the A Pot for Pot growing kit.

5. White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Autoflower Seeds by ILGM

Moms don’t have time for bullshit, especially not these days. Autoflower seeds take most of the hassle out of growing marijuana and are perfect for novice gardeners or just moms who maybe, on a good day, get about 15 minutes when somebody somewhere isn’t demanding something from them. 

Luckily, autoflowers take very little work. They’re feminized, very easy to grow, compact, and they should produce high-quality buds in just a couple of months. And why not go with a classic strain like White Widow? It’s a chill, forgiving strain that spreads joy and seldom disappoints. Just what mom needs.

➡️ Get the White Widow seeds for her here.

6. The Green Goddess Armoire Biochamber

GreenGoddess Armoire

You might not be able to buy the mom in your life that walk-in closet she always wanted, but this might be the next best thing. 

The Armoire is a “complete biochamber kit,” a self-contained grow room inside an armoire that can consistently grow a quarter pound or more of weed during each 60-day cycle — all while being hidden in plain sight in your living room. This could have mom sitting on almost a pound and a half of weed by the next Mother’s Day, but even if the yield isn’t that generous, the armoire is a brilliant way to turn any corner of the house into a grow room that takes no expertise and little maintenance at all. 

With timed lights, air circulation fans, and digital environment controls built-in, all you have to do is plum, plant, and water. 

➡️ Check out the Green Goddess Armoire here.

For the Mom Who Loves Spa Days and Self Care (with CBD) 

7. CBDfx Spa Day Gift Set

CBDfx Spa Bundle

Someday soon — hopefully — we’ll all get to hit the spa, the gym, or the pool again. Until that day comes, you can still get your mom all the pampering she deserves at home, with this all-in-one CBD spa kit. 

This gift set comes with a whole range of self-care goodies, including two types of CBD bath salts, two facial skincare products, and some CBD gummies and balm to carry mom through the rest of the day.

➡️ Get her the perfect spa pack.

8. Joy Organics CBD Bath Bomb

Joy Organics CBD bath bomb

Most moms could really — really — use a nice warm bubble bath that they can actually finish without their kids interrupting them every five minutes. Now that you’re (hopefully) no longer doing that, it could be time to treat your mom to one of these Joy Organics 4-pack of bath bombs. 

Each bath bomb contains 25 mg of CBD and is infused with aromatic lavender oil, making it the perfect way for mom to kick back at the end of another long day. Actually, nobody said moms can’t just roll out of bed in the morning and have a CBD bubble bath. It’s 2020, anything goes, just support mom in her journey.

➡️ Help the woman in your life relax.

9. The ABCs of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (and regular folks too) 


Not everybody’s stoner mom started out that way. A lot of them discovered cannabis at a later age, perhaps, ahem….due to the stress of parenting. This book by Shira Adler (called “The Marijuana Mama” by Reuters) is an all-inclusive look at how CBD works, which brands to use, if it’s legal where your mom lives, and how it can provide relief for a host of ailments. 

It’s a book for the canna-curious, those who want to learn about the side of cannabis they didn’t teach us in D.A.R.E. (or at the register in a head shop), and how it can bring a whole new level of wellness to moms, parents, and the kids that drive them crazy.

➡️ Buy here the ABCs of CBD here.

For the Mom Who Loves Smoking and/or Dabbing (please invite us to Thanksgiving)

10. Grav Labs Jane West Collection Bong

Grav Jane West Bong

Taking bong rips with your mom is a good way to say, “we survived — somehow — and our relationship is based on mutual recognition and support.” The stylish, mint green bong is part of the Grav Labs Jane West Collection, named after the American cannabis activist and founder of cannabis networking organization Women Grow. 

This bong is a great way to support great women in cannabis and make sure that one great woman in cannabis (mom) has the perfect centerpiece for her coffee table.

➡️ Make her happy with the Grav Labs Jane West collection bong. 

11. Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Arguably, any day is a spa day when you have a sleek, portable, and very strong vaporizer on hand to let you puff vape clouds on the couch, in the supermarket parking lot, in your car before/after the PTA meeting, and really just about anywhere and anytime you want to get lifted. 

Show the mom in your life that you believe vaping makes parenting (“vapenting?”) a little easier to cope with and makes cashing a bowl a lot better. 

➡️ Get her the Arizer Solo vaporizer.

12. Art of Smoke Elephant Pipe

They say elephants never forget. The same could be said for moms, so why not buy mom a pipe to remember – at least once the effects of that bowl she just cashed wear off. The Art of Smoke Elephant pipe is a handy little ceramic smoking buddy that fits in the palm of your hand and comes with a large bowl and a carb that….appears to be where the elephant’s anus would be.

But don’t let that stop you! This is a great gift that shows mom you care and gives her something to take to her next pottery class and act like she made it herself.

➡️ Get her the Art of Smoke Elephant Pipe.

Most importantly — call your mother 

Cynics like to say Mother’s Day is just a holiday created by greetings card manufacturers. Cynics also probably think you shouldn’t buy your mom a dab rig, so let’s take their advice with a grain of salt.

Any day that encourages people to salute and reward the mothers of the world is a good day by any measurement, and if it also includes surprising that special lady with some weed-oriented gifts, then that’s a holiday we can get behind.

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