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Is It A Good Idea To Get High Before A Tattoo?

A general thought among cannabis enthusiasts is that smoking weed before any activity acts only as an enhancer for the experience. Does this also apply to get high before a tattoo appointment? If you’re considering puffing before you get tattooed, you may want to take a moment to consider a few things.

Partner of International Highlife CannaWrite’s sister business The Drifter’s Ink Tattoo in Tamarindo, Costa Rica offered this advice about puffing and tattooing:

As a general rule of thumb, proceed with caution, and perhaps put down the pipe until after the tattoo.

Exploring THC and Anxiety

It’s important to note that a general consensus in the cannabis community that high doses of THC can potentially increase anxiety.

Anyone who has gotten a tattoo knows that the process isn’t that pleasant, no matter what the tattoo to be done. The prospect of sitting for a few hours while someone constantly rubs needles over your skin in some pretty sensitive areas isn’t one that (most) people relish.

People who use high-THC strains may also report a degree of paranoia along with anxiety. When going into a tattoo, it’s paramount to take caution with what you’re tattooing on your body, who is doing it, and the environment in which you’re doing it, but unnecessary paranoia can lead to a whole whack of emotions you don’t want to bring into your tattooing experience.

Take It from the Tattoo Artist

Levi Moodie, owner and head artist at The Drifter’s Ink is a cannabis enthusiast but is careful to advise his clients that the relationship between cannabis and tattooing isn’t always a positive one.

“I often tell people to think about the way marijuana affects them and whether it could interfere in the tattooing experience,” Moodie says, “Oftentimes, people who smoke marijuana go from being cautious, as they should be, to over-thinking their tattoos, flip-flopping on ideas, or their tattoo placement, and then when the needle hits the skin, they can potentially overthink the experience and get freaked out. I’ve seen it happen a few times.”

Overall, Moodie states that he prefers to tattoo people who are in a sober state of mind and aren’t under the influence of any kinds of drugs, alcohol or stimulants. “What they do after their tattoo appointment is their choice!” Moodie adds.

For those who use cannabis regularly and don’t want to give up the cheeba-cheeba for the tattoo appointment could explore some of the several CBD-rich strains that produce the medicinal, anti-anxiety benefits of cannabis without the potential psychoactive anxiety brought on from THC.

You Can Always Pick Up the Pipe Later

While you may want to think twice about smoking weed while you get tattooed, take comfort in knowing that your marijuana will provide a much better effect following your tattoo appointment than during it.

THC and CBDs present in cannabis work wonders for their anti-inflammatory properties and ability to reduce pain. Anyone who has gotten a tattoo knows that it can be quite sore following the appointment and for days after as the tattoo goes through the healing process. Taking a few puffs, vapes or dabs will internally help your endocannabinoid system kick healing into high gear while reducing the body’s pain response to inflammation.

In addition, cannabis is being looked at as a wonder for helping in the healing of wounds and is showing promise for possessing antibiotic effects. Research is promising on how cannabis oils can directly promote topical healing.

Tattoos and Cannabis: A Great Combination

Tattoos and cannabis have always been a very closely related industry, but this doesn’t mean they should always be mixed.

It’s important that both the artist, and the client/canvas are in a good state of mind for the tattoo process, and cannabis may not always be the right way to achieve that.

5 responses to “Is It A Good Idea To Get High Before A Tattoo?”

  1. ron says:

    i think this post refers to starters 😉

    • ron says:

      this post is not for people with alot of years of exp in smoking weed, and not for people who has like 9 tattoos allready lol ^^

      • CannaWrite says:

        Then no need to read advice that doesn’t apply 🙂

        • CannaWrite says:

          I’ve also got almost 30 tattoos and smoking marijuana before a tattoo heightens awareness for me on what is happening. Also no responsible tattoo artist would ever encourage substance use before a tattoo procedure as well.

  2. Loser says:

    Went to first tattoo completely wasted, i fade out and started with convulsions…next time i think i would leave the bong for afterwards.

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