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Get Ready for the High Holidays With the Menorah Bong

This holiday season is all about celebrating your love of weed. After the marijuana Christmas tree got weed-loving Christians excited, this bong menorah is here to fulfill every stoner Jew’s Hannukah dream.

Grav Labs menorah is the Hannukah miracle of the 21st century. Eight regular stems and one massive shamash are all waiting to be filled with your favorite weed and help you “find your higher self.”

“Hanukkah’s about the miracle of oil lasting for 8 nights,” Grav writes on its product description. “But will you last for all 8 bowls?”

The glass beauty sits on a massive glass foot and with the right set of lungs, you can take on the whole chamber at once through the angled mouthpiece.

The bong comes with eight single-pinch funnel bowls that sit on 14mm joints (the downstem takes 10mm bowls). So you can switch out the bowls and joints, and add your own dabs or dropdowns. Basically, you can get creative as hell with this setup — you’ll just need a bunch of accessories.

The menorah bong has been around since 2015 and Grav only sells it around the holiday season. The first version from 2015 was way bigger and Grav has since updated the design and made the entire setup a bit smaller. You can get the menorah bong for $399 directly from Grav Labs.

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