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Fifty Years of Israeli Cannabis Research Funded By US Government

Cannabis Law Reformation is a topic on a lot of ballots and agendas these days. With all the research and testimonials about the numerous benefits of THC, CBD, Cannabis, and Hemp, it is hard not to wonder why this has not been on the hot plate sooner.

4 responses to “Fifty Years of Israeli Cannabis Research Funded By US Government”

  1. Marie Cowling says:

    I wish I’d had all this information before. My husband died April 2016 with stomach cancer. He’d started the Rich Simpson method and was feeling much better but when we saw the oncologist he made us feel silly and said it was a load of rubbish that cannabis could help. He convince us to have chemo which didn’t help and made him really ill. I’m not sure wants going on in the medical world but I do not something is very wrong. Why would they spend thounsands of pounds to gave someone a few months longer to live. It’s got to be about money can’t be for any other reason. I don’t know if cannabis would have cured him but I do know he would have lived a lot longer if we had carried on with it, in stead of have chemo.

  2. Renee Barela says:

    Im sorry about your husband. Yes it is all about money with the pharma companies. They dont want people to know cures. Its very evil to keep that truth away from the cure . Yes he would of lived longer if it didnt cure him.

  3. Hooligan says:

    These Slimy Scum Bags in Office are Pure Criminals whom are Harming Society a lot more than MJ ever could .. If anything should be Banned , its the CORRUPT SCUM THAT RUNS THIS COUNTRY …. EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY WAS CREATED BY THE SCUM PUKES THAT CALL THEMSELVES LEADERS .. The Constitution says if Government gets to Big , then need to be Brought Down by the People .. SO WHAT THE HELL IS AMERICA WAITING FOR ? STAND UP AGAINST THE CORRUPT SCUM BAGS IN WHATEVER WAY WE CAN ….

  4. William Clark says:

    The Heath/Tulane study, now discredited, was simple, hasty, secretive, and effective for Ronald Reagan’s political needs in 1974. 

When an American President announces that one effect of marijuana is “permanent brain damage”, and it takes six years of denied requests and legal challenges before any interested party can read about the methodology used, the toxic bs in the air retains a half-life on the ground. One suspects, or should suspect, that the methods employed were bogus–deliberately flawed–in order to produce years of political insulation.


Here the ‘scientists’ strapped ‘breathing masks’ on test monkeys, filled their lungs with intensive, industrial-strength marijuana smoke with no additional oxygen, and in fact achieved their presumed goal of high counts of dead brain cells through oxygen deprivation, by slowly and systematically suffocating the monkeys. 

Any burning substance produces carbon monoxide, the poison employed here. Normally marijuana, particularly when vaporized or consumed in a bakery product, functions as a neuroprotectant which encourages brain-cell growth. But not in cases of enforced, short-term oxygen starvation.


Reagan, who once appeared in print ads for Chesterfield Cigarettes, died of permanent brain damage due to Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, his big speech helped to delay American research which could have helped him and all victims of Alzheimer’s, thirty or forty years earlier.

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