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Exotic Carts Review: Fake Cartridges Being Sold

These are popular prefilled THC oil cartridges, and stoners from the west to east coast use them. Unfortunately, this Exotic cart review highlights a counterfeit problem with this prefilled cartridge brand.

Sadly, these exotics carts are some of the only products people in illegal states have access to.  Don’t get fooled by the sealed packaging from Exotic Carts because anyone can be them online without any problem.

This cannabis oil cartridge brand has some funky graphics for their packaging. They also have an Instagram page, you can check them out here. Unfortunately, there isn’t any official website for them. Also, three are not too many pictures on their Instagram channel. There are other carts sold on the black market with similar packaging such as fancy carts.

Fake Exotic Carts For Sale

fake exotic carts

Anyone with a debit or credit card can easily order the packaging for Exotic Carts on the internet: Alibaba and other Asian merchants over a broad variety of packages. This is why there is a counterfeit problem going on right now with vape cartridges. People buy the packaging and add their oil inside of the empty cartridges.

It’s important to buy from a dispensary that has an official license to sell cannabis products. Only the states can issue official permits.

We found a lot of different options to buy Exotic carts online through the offer up app and craigslist. The average price for a full gram Exotic cart is between USD 20 and USD 30.

Exotic Carts Cartridge THC Oil Review

exotic carts for sale

The cannabis oil from Exotic carts has some decent strength, but independent lab tests exposed the stated THC amount on their labels. Some of the cartridges tested only had 59% cannabinoids in total.

Below you can find Mario carts cartridges lab test. Their packaging is very similar and basically another version of Exotic carts.

The varies strain flavors available for Exotic carts are very appealing such as:

– Gorilla Glue
– Gelato
– Girl Scout Cookies
– Cookies and Cream.

These are only a four out of the 12 total strains they are currently offering. The flavors are tasty, and you will find many good online reviews.

For us, it’s clear that we can’t recommend this brand until there is an independent lab test for pesticides available.

The price for their THC oil is way below most other prefilled vape cartridges available for sale in dispensaries.

Exotic Carts Cannabis Oil Review Score: 2/5

Exotic Carts Vape Performance

The vape cartridges used for Exotic carts cannabis oil uses ceramic for vaping, the exact model is an AC1003 from ikrusher. Hits are done flawlessly with no draw resistance. Overall this is a great hash oil vape cartridge. Its the same cart used for Mario carts and Supreme cartridges. One theory is this is the same person using multiple brands to sell their prefilled carts. You can find Exotic carts cartridges in states where cannabis is illegal for USD 10-15 (wholesale price).

mario carts lab test

Mario carts lab test from datdude41510

Exotic Carts Lab Test

Exotic carts lab test fails for pesticides

Exotic carts lab test fails for pesticides

Another lab test was released and shows the Purple Punch has much lower THC content than advertised. They also failed for pesticides.

The popularity of Exotic carts has exploded because they are available in states where cannabis is not legal yet.

The potency of Mario carts has been tested at 69% which is close to the typical popular Brass Knuckles vape cartridge brand.

Let us know if you have any experience with these cartridges and where you are from. Give us your insight on the price and what you thought of the taste and potency of these carts. We are interested in learning what our readers think about this brand

Exotic Carts Vaping Efficiency Review Score: 4/5

Lab Test Review Score: 1/5

Exotic Carts Pesticides

There is an Instagram feed dedicated to sharing the test results of popular prefilled cartridges. The username is @datdude41510. He is posting actively and also responds to most comments.

He commented on his Instagram page that he would be releasing an exotic cartridge pesticides lab test next month. I will post an update to this Exotic carts review as soon as someone releases an independent lab test.

@datdude already exposed a couple of famous brands in the past. If you’re into cartridges, you should follow him.

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that there is more than one other brand with similar packaging. A new brand that has surfaced with close to the same design is fancy carts.

We believe these are either contaminated or inferior quality cannabis oil cartridges that someone tries to get rid of via the black market.

From our standpoint, consuming Exotic carts can be risky. As you know, the standard rate for quality cannabis oil prefilled in vape cartridges in California is around $60 a gram.

Fancy dab carts have nearly the same packaging as Exotic carts.

Vape Cartridge Counterfiet problem

The vape cartridge brand Brass Knuckles has a class action lawsuit right now against them because they sold products containing pesticides. This brand also has a counterfeit problem, and its cases and cartridges get sold on the same website as the fake exotic carts packaging.

As of now, Exotic carts can be someone making this out of their garage, and if you experience any health problems, you won’t be able to sue anyone.

It’s important to understand that pesticides are very harmful and can cause severe health problems, especially if you vape on a regular basis over a longer period.

We understand that it may be tempting to buy vape cartridges from the black market to save money, but you should not underestimate the long-term consequences.

Don’t risk your life to save money to get high. I recommend refilling your vape cartridges with THC oil.

Refilling empty vape cartridges with your own cannabis oil will bring the cost down a lot. If your lucky enough to live in a state where cannabis is legalized, chances are there is a lab you can send in a prefilled cartridge to test for pesticides and solvents, this typically cost around $150 and can take up to a month for the lab results.

If you take upon yourself to test the Exotic carts we want to encourage you to share with us the lab test results so we can post it here and inform everyone else.

Overall Exotics cart review score: 2.3/5

28 responses to “Exotic Carts Review: Fake Cartridges Being Sold”

  1. Thomas hendrix says:

    Can you review Hash Artist Farms carts please?

  2. Rayford Brunner says:

    Ok anyone can tell these are foogasies and would be a fool to think the the percentage is correct but when you live in a state that won’t even decriminalize marijuana then you have no choice carts are the best way to stay under the radar with police imo these carts have a smooth taste and a very good high

  3. Jay says:

    My friends purchase n ship unlabeled/untested distillate from California in bulk jars ,then order these packages n carts from China, we mix zero nicotine vape juice to flavor the distillate to it’s corresponding packages, they sell out every day 60$ a pc.

  4. Jay says:

    My friends purchase n ship unlabeled/untested distillate from California in bulk jars ,then order these packages n carts from China, we mix zero nicotine vape juice to flavor the distillate to it’s coolcorresponding packages, they sell out every day 60$ a pc.

  5. Jay says:

    They are all “fakes” there are no real companies.i work in DC ,these are simply packages, we fill them ,Mario ,exotics, killer bees , with our own distillate and vape juice flavors

  6. Gregory says:

    If they’re all fake how is one or two tests indicative of every single cart??? Makes no sense if people are filling them theirselves

  7. Matthew VonAsten says:

    Can you do a product test on Golden Gorilla carts

  8. Chad says:

    From experience in Atlanta Georgia…..Some of the best cartridges in the United States of America, are Filled at someone’s home. And yes the Hardware “Empty Cartridges”,”Batteries”, and chargers. Are coming from China. I’ve smoked just about every form of Marijuana, and I’ve never stepped foot in a “Legal” Marijuana State. This problem of insufficient testing or insufficient information on smokable products, is just another example of why all forms of Marijuana should be Legal. As Americans we should be able to use Marijuana as we see needed. Especially if a physician is able to find a medicinal value in a particular Strain. Alcohol has very little medicinal value if any at all. Yet in almost every part of our country you need no prescription for Alcohol. Alcohol comes in Flavors “more flavors than you can count”. Tobacco also is worse than Marijuana, and not only has no medicinal value but has been proven to cause Cancer. Yet Cigarettes and other forms of Tobacco come in Flavors and are Legal.
    But back to the Topic of Flavored Marijuana Cartridges: the best Smokable Cartridges I’ve ever smoked were made right in front of me in someone’s basement. The concentrate so thick sometimes, it had to be cut thinner with Vegetable Glycerin or Food Grade Propylene Glycol.
    I’ve gotten Exotic Carts recently and they did seem to be just fine. It’s just a shame that we can’t, as free Americans, smoke Marijuana Cartridges without fear of smoking unwanted or harmful chemicals. Therefore in most States making Concentrates a Felony. Not only forcing people to stay addicted to Pain Medications, Depression Medications, and Anti-Anxiety Medications. Big Pharma is killing Americans and let’s face it. Big Pharma also created the Opioid crisis starting in the late 80’s and early 90’s. And now are expecting people to just Stop taking pain Medication without any sort of safe or healthy alternative. Marijuana is our only safe alternative drug. As Americans our Government should not be cutting us off from such a safe and reasonable alternative. And stuff like Marijuana Cartridges should be easily regulated. If we can regulate heavy Narcotic Medications we should also be able to regulate the Marijuana market. There is a ton of money for our Country to gain. And more importantly there are Tons of Americans addicted to heavy Pharmaceutical grade Narcotics. As Americans we need to stand up and solve this issue of “Legal or Illegal Marijuana.” It’s a wonderful plant given to us and unfortunately people are not able to access and use it as they should be able to.

    • Smoke says:

      Alabama here. We get these pretty regular I have noticed on the back of alot of the exotic packs they misspelled a word in the disclaimer. Dead giveaway. Also $60 1g


    How about king pen vapes

  10. Dank Gem says:

    Big in Omaha

  11. TaterLog says:

    We get these on occasion, in the Southeast, where only 1-2 brands are available and unfortunately pay 2x high number based on article :(. The flavor and hardware are good…and the THC level is par for my course, to be honest. My most recent was an ExoticCart Lemonade Sativa and has a good body bouncy feel but have yet to get a well-known strain like GSC, GG, and Gelato. Definitely not in the BrassKnuckle or Heavy Hitter league for sure!

  12. TaterLog says:

    I also noticed that “CA” isn’t before “Prop 215” in the fine print, like every other cart I see……something’s screwy

  13. Tobi says:

    From Owensboro KY. These are everywhere. I Have like 4. Literally I could buy a whole duffle bag full of them.

  14. Ro says:

    Louisville Ky here….just ran into this countetfeit problem…the first I bought was strawnerry shortcake it was great then my cuz decided to get them from a vo worker becsuse they were 15 dollars cheaper…

    The same product/flavor different dealers…anyone dealing counterfeit/stepping on the product will get a person hurt in this area

  15. JEREMIAH Day says:

    What about dank vapes? I got a fuity pebble one it looks legit af.

  16. nick fury says:

    greensboro, nc here, yea carts and moo’s here. theyre fake and crap. sure they might have some thc content but what theyre doing filling them with the rest of failed tested distillate and and 0 nic vape juice flavs is just downrite wrong. thats what i just got unfortunatly before doing the research as to what has been going on. the unknown chemicals that are probably in it are not worth sacrificing ones health for! theyre also leaking after closer inspection. just plain wrong.

  17. Dylan Lauderdale says:

    What is the safest voltage to use for bart carts?

  18. jesse james says:

    this topic is very interesting love them

  19. Lois McCloud says:

    I bought an exotic cart from a friend and I’m needing to know how to order them myself. The one I bought says “SEXOTICS SOUTH EAST INDICA RESIN CART” on the box. But I can’t find out how to order it.

  20. Cilicon says:

    Do you have 510 battery recomendation?

  21. Dee says:

    I have been trying to research them as well. Works good but would like to see some results.
    It’s really odd that it’s so hard to find info.

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