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Ex-Big Pharma Exec Ditches Mainstream Medicine For Medical Marijuana

For all the hype and fluff Big Pharma puts behind keeping marijuana illegal, the evidence supporting the benefits are growing daily exponentially.  

2 responses to “Ex-Big Pharma Exec Ditches Mainstream Medicine For Medical Marijuana”

  1. Bronwyn says:

    I would like to share my story with my fellow Marijuana users.

    I am 59 & have 3 diseases.
    Celiac, it’s a digestive disease where gluten is poison to your small intestine. My body went into shock with the drastic change in diet, 46 years old I was now losing vitamins and minerals that were normally in my diet. I had a mental breakdown. I had it all my life, they finally found out when my parents have passed.
    The biggest news I want to share is I am cured of Costochonderitis. It is a rare disease that has cartilage that grows on the tip of your ribs. It swells, painful spasms, just to name a few. Looking it up you’ll get a better idea. I have been treated at a pain Management Clinic for the past 4 years getting injections in the tip of my rib and sternum, I cried for that. . …
    I also have Arthritis in both hips, lower back, tailbone & 3 vertabre. I was using a cane and also have had lots of bed rest. I no longer use the cane and can just about walk the way I used to.
    Believe in Marijuana for thing you probably didn’t even know…plastic for example.
    Hooray for Mother Nature’s miracle drug, we may be able to correct man’s mistakes with Hemp, Medical Breakthroughs, just to name a few. Cheer my friends.

  2. Hooligan says:

    He should not be Allowed to have MJ .. He should be Forced to take Pharmaceutical Garbage ….

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