Essentials For Your Dream Smoking Room

Essentials For Your Dream Smoking Room

Your smoking room or lounge is your place of refuge. A little escape from the stressors of life and a creative environment in which to enjoy and experience all your favorite herb has to offer. Using cannabis, whether medically or recreationally, offers a wide range of health benefits and a positive, euphoric experience.

As such, you should take great care and consideration when deciding how to set up your personal smoking nirvana. Think about what’s important to you during your sessions.

What kind of decorations and items may enhance or bring out the best of your high?

Smoking in the right setting with the right surroundings and ambiance, as well as other elements, can either positively add to, or negatively detract from, this experience.

When creating the ambiance in your dream smoking room, follow the tips in this guide to help you create the perfect space to sit back and toke up. And remember, ultimately this is your space, and it is your personal touch that will truly create the perfect area for you. In case this is a temporary space like a hotel, there are still ways to enjoy your smoke discreetly.

Decorations and Set Up

You may wonder why decorations are so important. Not only is decorating a creative outlet that can help display your personality and style, but the right décor can also establish a “feel” and ambiance that sets the mood and tone each time you light up.

Decorations are not just for yourself, either. You may have others in the room with you and having a decorated area gives them an insight into your soul and self while helping them get into the right mindset and mood for a session with your favorite herb.

Not only that, interesting and unique décor will also give you, and others, items to occupy your attention in what may have otherwise been a boring, blank room.

An Ode to Cannabis Culture

Many individuals choose to go old school, decorating in a way that gives props to the cannabis culture, including Bob Marley posters, black lights, bead curtains, and other hippie-esq items. Others opt to go with a modern flair, or uniquely personalized setup, highlighting music, art, media and other elements that are important to them.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Showcase art that relates to cannabis culture – There are many paintings, sculptures, and posters that can display your appreciation for one of the most variable plants in nature.

  1. Hang pictures of famous people who smoke – Smoke among the greats and feel a connection to your fellow man…or woman!

  1. Display your accessories – Remember that really awesome bong you picked up at that niche store? Have a funny looking dabber? Just want a good place to keep your stuff? Work it into your décor!

  1. Use bright, vibrant and varied colors

  1. Make sure to incorporate comfortable seating and lounging areas

  1. Disco balls, Lava Lamps, and blacklights are all good choices

Inspire Creative Thought

Smoking cannabis can help your mind creatively explore the arts. Whether music, art, or writing is your passion, you can outfit your room to provide an area of inspiration, Here are a few ideas:

  1. Set up a vintage record player – Many great musicians are influenced by the ones who came before. Find a few favorite records to put yourself in the mood to create or sit back and relax. Or, if taking a more modern approach, set up an iPod dock or other media player (ideally with surround sound for a more immersive experience)

  1. Install a whiteboard and/or a chalkboard – Whether you hang these on the wall or convert a wall to a whiteboard or a chalkboard, provide yourself and your friends a place to make notes, play charades, or just goof around. Who knows what you may come up with!

  1. Invest in some art supplies – Even if you do not consider yourself an artist, engaging in the arts can be therapeutic and fun. Keep a few paints, some colored pencils, coloring books, or canvas around to experiment with.

  1. Musical instruments – Have a jam session with your buddies, or record your one-person show into the computer to mix up your newest hit.

Create the Perfect Ambience

There are a few key things to consider when creating any room. The basics of decoration can go a long way. Consider a creative strain to dig deeper into your decorative skills.

  1. Lighting – Consider if you want the room brightly lit or a little darker. You may want to invest in sliding switches so you can adjust the lighting or add a funky lamp in the corner. Black lights and glow in the dark options can be fun, too.

  1. Seating – Are you going to have couches or beanbags? Need some gaming chairs? Is there a cute chair you have had your eye on? Consider the seating options you and your guests may enjoy most.

It is also important to invest in the right pillows and blankets. Whether you grab cannabis-related items or ones that speak to other interests, make sure that you and your friends will be comfortable and warm!

  1. Beaded doorways – Fun and functional, these doorways can also showcase your personality through color and bead shape.

  1. Fun toys – Containers of ferrofluid or cool hand puzzles can be a lot of fun when chilling.

  1. A mini-fridge – It is essential to stay stocked up on snacks and drinks!

  1. Gaming consoles – If you are a gamer, put some of your favorite consoles in this room. The Nintendo Switch has a lot to offer. Games like Yonder and Breath of the Wild are beautiful and offer many ways to explore the environment.

Functional Items


Decorating is fun, but let’s not forget the necessities, either! Each smoker’s room needs a few key items:

  • A few different glass pipes – There are many varieties of pipes for different circumstances and having a good selection is essential.

  • One-hitters – For those times when you don’t want to pack a whole pipe.

  • Lighters – Need I really say more?

  • Vaporizers, rolling papers, and more – Find the best smoking essentials for your experience.

  • Grinders and accessories – Make sure that you have every item you need for your smoking process.

  • Your choice of herbs or oils – Don’t leave out the most important component!

  • Incense or candles – How your room smells is just as important as how it looks.

  • Ashtrays and a storage container – Have a container to ash in for easy clean-up, as well as a container or storage system for you to keep your items in.

  • Proper ventilation – Stale air is no fun, so make sure you have a way to let the sunlight and air in when you need some refreshment.

  • A coffee table – Yes, perhaps this could go under “decoration” as well, but you will need a functional space to set your things!

No Matter What, Be Creative

While this guide should help get your creative juices flowing, it is but an inspirational start. Your smoking room should be an accurate representation of yourself, style, charisma and those things that are near and dear to your soul. Consider DIY options if you’re feeling creative.

When making your list, consider how things actually make you “feel”, and the type of ambiance and mood you want to set and establish for your smoking sessions. Also think about what things you happen to enjoy when smoking (i.e. video games, music, craftwork, writing, art, etc.), and use these as your guide when shopping and setting things up.

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