Empire Wellness based out of Colorado, Oregon, and Florida produces a variety of effective CBD products from Isolates, Terpene infused Isolates, Oils, Syrups, Terpenes, Candy Gummies, and now offering CBD Flower.

Empire Wellness offers CBD Flower that ranges from 8-20% CBD depending on Strain. The Hemp Flowers are seedless and contain less than 0.3 percent of THC and can be shipped to all 50 states legally. Hemp naturally contains essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, terpenes, aromatic molecules, CBD and other cannabinoids that are beneficial. These CBD buds are terpene rich and enjoyable to consume.

Why would I need CBD?

CBD has become increasingly popular since it has been introduced to consumers as a natural alternative for many ailments in the recent years, Though the benefits of CBD have been long recognized, we are only recently getting to experience the Scope of CBD Products which are now available on a commercial level. Its Non-toxic and the medicinal value is tremendous. Widely used for anxiety, epilepsy, joint and arthritis pain, inflammation, IBS, sleep disorders and much more according to many CBD consumers.

Why would I need Hemp CBD Flower?

Until recently, smoking Hemp Flower was not very desirable, a musky hay smell and taste wasn’t too appealing for a smoker, add to the fact it also offered much less In the way of CBD levels, and could very well lead to a headache if you decided to pack up a bowl of OlGeorge Washington’s strains from back in the day. Now, through selective breeding, we are now seeing Hemp cultivars that offer a tasty experience for the strict CBD consumers. A small number of people may avoid THC for personal choice, and for other reasons that affect them adversely, so CBD Flowers can be a great choice since Hemp Buds Contain virtually No THC”, which is the Psychoactive compound in Marijuana that makes users feel High.

Perhaps you would like to quit Smoking Tobacco and want to transition out of nicotine addiction with a less abrasive tactic by using non-toxic Hemp CBD Buds as an alternative, or maybe you like to smoke and socialize, but get dizzy, or get anxiety from THC, CBD flower can be a great option. I can see this finding a nice permanent place in the CBD market.

The Effects!

Smoking vs. Vaping

Vaping gave me a nice calming effect. I tried vaping the flowers first thing in the morning to gauge the effectiveness of the product. It was a mellow onset of relief, I had to hit it a few times to feel like I was getting enough into my system, but thereafter I experienced the positive effects and was pleased.

Smoking the Flowers via Bong toke, I noticed a slight fog to the body opposed to the gradual onset of effects from vaping. This isn’t a High” Fog, but rather an extra layer to your body, I like to refer to this as the “Cocoon.” Smoking still carried over the Relaxing properties CBD is known for, and the pain from my Arthritis that I have in my hand was non-existent, which is the most important reason I would use this product. Typically in the morning, I tend to sleep irregular and can often have pain in my joints, but that was not present, so Im sure these flowers are doing something right! One large bong hit was enough to give me instantaneous relief. Thats quite amazing, as I was expecting to have to consume much more of the CBD Hemp Buds since I am used to Dabbing CBD isolate or Ingesting CBD capsules at much higher levels.

Let’s take a Closer Look at the 3 strains I tried:


This strain was my personal favorite. Great trichome coverage on this, which means we are going to get a good amount of CBD in these Hemp Buds. A beautiful purple color on this OTTO lets me know that it is high in Anthocyanin. The smell is pleasant, a minty, almost eucalyptus nose with a healthy dose of sage. A full bodied smoke, with terps coming through on the burn. I could see this being enjoyable for the CBD flower smoker, as it is reminiscent of good Marijuana.

“Special Sauce”

Special Sauce is slightly sweeter and still holds that minty Aroma like many CBD strains. The pain relief and effects were similar, if not identical to the Otto, the hemp worked well for arthritis and was a smooth Smoke to consume. The Special Sauce is bolder on the menthol spectrum, with a faint gassy combination which blends together nicely!

“Space Candy”

Space Candy has an amazingly sweet and fruity base to it, with hints of cream and caramel, and a dash of lantern fuel on top. This one has some great aromatics and is very nice to smoke as the nose translates well to the palate and it’s super smooth on the inhale. Smells and looks like regular dank cannabis. Excellent relief with this strain as well.

CBD is Incredible in many ways! It’s great to see the influx in the array of new CBD products hitting the shelf. The possibilities are endless and CBD seems to have solidified its foothold in today’s market, and for a good reason, this stuff really works.

Check out Empire Wellness at www.empirewellness.com for more products and information.