Edibles in the New Age: Fast Acting Cannabis Shots

August 10, 2017
Edibles in the New Age: Fast Acting Cannabis Shots


Edible cannabis has always been difficult to perfect with regard to proper dosing. After consuming an edible, someone will often experience one of two things: barely catch a buzz or take a trip to the moon.

In a recent interview with Merry Jane, Quigley’s Cannabis Shot founder Tony Alfiere explains how his cannabis shots are adding some much-needed predictability and reliability to the edible cannabis market.

User Experience

Traditional edibles typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to reach their full effect. According to Alfiere, the psychoactive effect of the THC in Quigley’s Cannabis Shots can be felt immediately and the effects can last as long as 4 hours.

With the quick onset of the psychoactive effects, Quigley’s Cannabis Shots eliminate the common problem of users getting impatient and consuming more (too many) edibles.  The shots are available from 10-100mg so consumers have a range of potencies to choose from. Zero Calorie and Lightly Sweetened varieties are also available.

The Science

Quigley’s adds Delta-9-THC to the shots. Delta-9-THC is a compound that allows the THC in the cannabis shots to be absorbed through the soft tissue in the throat and upper digestive tract. Normally, THC is absorbed through the stomach and processed in the liver where the THC converts to Delta-11-Hydroxy-THC: a compound with a psychoactive effect four times that of THC from smoked cannabis.

The THC in Quigley’s shots does not convert to Delta-11-Hydroxy-THC; because of this, users report feeling more of a smoked cannabis effect rather than the intensely psychoactive effect normally reported by edible cannabis consumers.

Medical Applications

A product like Quigley’s Cannabis Shots is something that has been long sought after by medicinal cannabis users as the benefits of a quick acting edible cannabis product are aplenty. Quigley’s Cannabis Shots were initially created in an attempt to find a faster acting, more efficient version of Rick Simpson’s Oil, as Alfiere was attempting to help a friend who was ailing from neuroblastoma.

Those who use cannabis as part of a pain management regimen are also likely to benefit greatly from Quigley’s Cannabis Shots.



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