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Dyna Puff Review: Poor Quality CO2 Oil

Dyna Puff is nothing more than an old vape cartridge with weak and contaminated cannabis oil. This prefilled cartridge is nothing special, and it’s inferior to real premium THC cartridges.

I have not vaped a Dyna Puff and wouldn’t because of published lab test result. The lab test exposed the brand of having pesticides in their cartridges. You can find these prefilled carts in States like Texas where hash oil pens are not legal. People are vaping these because they can get high discreetly in states where discretion is essential.

Many people are reporting health problems from vaping these Dyna Puff carts. There’s a straightforward reason for this, and it’s because these cartridges are toxic.

If you have vaped these, I suggest you never repurchase these. These pesticides found where way beyond the allowed limit. It’s quite amazing how bad Dyna Puff cartridges and their hash oil turned out to be. Keep reading to learn why this is a horrible prefilled cartridge.

Dyna Puff Cartridge Is Inferior

Dyna Puff vape cartridge

The wick is an outdated vaping technology

dyna puff review

Dyna Puff THC Oil is not 80-85% THC.

The Dyna Puff Vape Cartridge is using an old wick style to vaporize the cannabis oil inside of it. This type of vape cartridge was popular in 2011. It’s now 2019, and the most premium THC oil cartridges today use ceramic type carts and glass. This type of vape cartridge lacks efficiency for the user to puff big clouds. The Dyna Puff cartridge can only be found in the black market and not in licensed dispensaries.

A full gram costs $30. As you already know from our other reviews, only dirty cannabis oil can sell this low.  The Dyna Puff review of ours reveals an overpriced and old vape tech.

I encourage our readers not to vape this poison for the sake of your health. People are trying to advertise Dyna Puff cartridges for sale on popular platforms such as Craigslist, offer up, and let go. This cartridge is rubbish compared to the premium THC cartridges available from licensed dispensaries. This product was created for the seller to profit off victims. Do not be victimized by a cheaper oil cartridge that has pesticides.

Rating 1/5

Dirty THC Oil Exposed  

dyna puff pesticides

Dyna Puff lab test results show only 16% cannabinoids and detected pesticides.

During a time where many vape cartridges are failing to meet standards of pesticide-free oil, Dyna Puff fails too. There are lab test results available which we found and posted below. The packaging claims to have between 80-85% THC content. Sadly, this is far from true. The results that came back revealed there is barely any THC content in these cartridges. A total of 16% cannabinoids have been found with their Tangie Dream strain.

Rating: 1/5

Dyna Puff Review Conclusion

They claim to be 100% clean and natural, but the lab test conducted by third-party individuals proved that to be inaccurate. The packaging of these Dyna Puff cartridges is too similar to other vape cartridges known for having pesticides. We wrote a review about Exotic Carts and Mario Carts which both have similar packaging.

I recommend reading up on our counterfeit vape cartridge article we recently published that explains more about these low-quality cartridges.

Dyna Puff Review

There is no official Weedmaps page or website for Dyna Puff cartridges. The lacking of information about them other than their Instagram page is a red flag. They currently have just under 9,000 followers on Instagram. They claim to produce their product in Los Angeles. The Instagram account has been inactive since April 2018. On the comments, there are a lot of complaints from frustrated people about the vape cartridge burning out. Other comments are about how weak the cannabis oil is and how it provides little to no high. Don’t be fooled by the colorful packaging because this is one of the worst hash oil cartridges I have ever written about.

Do not jeopardize your health with these carts. Trust only established hash oil cartridges that provide lab test results on their packaging. There is a trend right now happening in the black market with these cartridges going around in nice packaging. One by one they all got exposed for pesticides and weak THC content. This is why spending the extra money to buy quality hash oil carts is worth it.

Overall Dyna Puff Review Score: 1/5

Summary: Hash oil cartridges are supposed to be stronger than cannabis. This cartridge is weaker than top-shelf cannabis. Its tested at 16% THC while top-shelf buds range up to 30% THC. There is little to no high from vaping this prefilled cartridge. Don’t be fooled by the neighborhood dealer that these are fire because they are a cheap product for him to profit off you and put your health in danger.

Vape cartridges have been known for making combats with improvements done to their hash oil and cartridge hardware. I don’t think Dyna Puff will have any combat and I believe they are not a real company. They are just a person trying to make money off of dirty cannabis oil and cheap vape cartridge hardware. Those who are new to the vaping hash oil cartridge scene can easily be tricked into buying these Dyna Puff cartridges because of the packaging looking nice. These are bad vape cartridges with no good cannabis oil for consumption.

Let us know in the comments if you have vaped Dyna Puff and if you suffered any negative side effects from it.

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