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Dr Oz says the DEA and FDA both blame the other agency for not allowing the legalization of cannabis.

Dr. Oz Says the DEA and FDA Blame Each Other for Keeping Weed Illegal

In a surprising revelation, Dr. Mehmet Oz, better known as Dr. Oz, highlighted a peculiar situation about the status of cannabis legalization in the United States.

Cannabis: An Underused Tool in America

The famous celebrity doctor and TV host termed cannabis as “one of the most underused tools in America” during a recent Instagram interview with Fatman Scoop. His endorsement comes from observations about the positive effects of cannabis, particularly in aiding sleep, pain management, and providing relief for serious medical problems.

Moreover, Dr. Oz emphasized the relative safety of cannabis, citing its non-lethality and stating it’s safer than alcohol and narcotics.

DEA and FDA: A Tug of War Over Cannabis Legalization?

Dr. Oz said he contacted DEA and FDA officials supporting cannabis legalization. The hitch, however, seems to lie in an ongoing finger-pointing game between these agencies.

While the DEA reportedly stated they did not want cannabis to be illegal, they still have to enforce the law. On the other hand, the FDA purportedly believes cannabis should be used more but cannot green-light widespread prescription until the DEA provides the go-ahead.

Interestingly, the DEA has denied requests to reschedule cannabis, citing the FDA’s stance that cannabis lacks proven medical value and poses a risk of abuse.

Change on the Horizon for Cannabis Research and Usage?

The DEA and DOJ plan to expand research opportunities on marijuana in the US.

These plans include additional registered growers and a broader variety of marijuana for research.

Dr. Oz remains hopeful that the agencies can reconcile their differences and pave the way for wider access to medical marijuana. Dr. Oz hopes the government will open up cannabis prescriptions for the entire country.

Despite not having personally used cannabis, Dr. Oz firmly believes in its potential benefits and advocates for its legalization based on his professional observations.

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