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Dosist Pen Review: Looks Professional But Lacks Efficiency

The Dosist pen has the most professional packaging and looks like medicine you would pick up from a pharmacy. We learned quite a few things about this disposable cannabis concentrate company trying their product and writing this Dosist review.

The first thing was that this product is overpriced and doesn’t provide a professional vaping experience. The Dosist pen itself was a letdown because not every hit provides the same dosage.

For us, it seems that his company continues to focus on its marketing rather than on the actual performance of their products.

In case you’re wondering if this disposable vape pen company is the same as Hmbldt, you’re correct. This company changed its name from Hmbdlt to Dosist earlier this year. Unfortunately, they continue to make marketing changes instead of product improvements. This name change deleted all of their previous reviews on their Weedmaps page. They now only have a total of 19 reviews with an overall score of 3.7/5. We can agree with this overall score because it reflects the vaping efficiency of the Dosist pen.

We were disappointed after spending $100 for only 450mg of cannabis oil. Further, we couldn’t even vape all of the cannabis oil.

We went through more than a few Hmbldt pens before they became Dosist pens. So far we were never satisfied with any of the Hmbdlt pens we tried because of the problems we encountered using their products.

Dosist Disposable Vape Pen Review

dosist review

The vape produced from the Dosist is like a thin mist that will leave you wanting more. Another downfall about these disposable vape pens is they die before they can finish the entire cannabis oil inside of it. This is terrible because it has a premium price, and you would expect more from it at $100 a gram.

This brand seems to care more about profit than providing its patients with a quality product.  We want a product that works (provides relief) and not just fancy packaging and a cool design.

The Dosist vape pen will waste perfectly good cannabis extract and this was very upsetting for us. It’s never appropriate to waste cannabis oil, especially if you pay so much for it. Further, there is no way of extracting the remaining oil, which makes the experience even more frustrating.

Dosist pen review score: 2/5

Dosist Pen Costs Way Too Much

dosist vape pen review

Once again this company is using tricks with how they are marketing their sizes of cannabis oil disposable vape pens. They are selling two different sizes of vape pens.

The smaller size vape pen should provide you 50 puffs. The 50 puff option costs you $50. That’s $50 for only 112mg of cannabis concentrate oil.

On their description, each of these puffs is measured by 2.25mg of THC. They are hiding the fact they are selling less than half of a gram of hash oil inside of their vape pen for $100.00. Their 200 puffs option is equivalent to only 450mg of THC oil.

Price for THC oil Score: 1/5

Dosist Pen Cartridge Size:

50 Doses of 2.25mg of THC Toal: 112mg for $30.00-$45

200 doses 2.25mg THC oil: Total: 450mg THC for $100

Dosist Pen THC Oil Review

dosist THC oil review

The quality of Dosist cannabis oil is not worth the money since its almost double the average cost. The taste of the vape from these products is clean and smooth.

We recommend this company to switch from their current vape pens to the new standard ceramic heating cartridges. Their hash oil has a lot of potential but is being held back by its weak performing vape pen technology.

It lacks the potency provide a decent high, especially if you have a high tolerance.

Dosist THC oil Review: 4/5

HMBDLT Pen Review

best vape pen 2016

There have been no changes made to the actual vape pen hardware. The only thing that has changed is the name HMBDLT to Dosist pen. They also made minor changes to the packaging but other than that the product remains the same. This product may have won the award for best inventions in 2016 by Times Magazine. However, since then there have been many new prefilled vape cartridges coming up and many of them will provide you with more value for your money.

Dosist pen may have changed their brand name, but if you ask us, that was pointless since their competitors improved their cartridge hardware.

PURE vape is a perfect example of a THC oil cartridge company that made some significant changes to their products which has allowed them to increase their popularity.

After spending more than a couple of hundred dollars on Dosist pens, we knew we would never repurchase them.

The only way we could see ourselves buying a Dosist product again is if they change their current vape pen hardware. We can’t recommend the Dosist pen because it’s just not worth the money.

The current one is old and does not vape its cannabis oil properly. Hits are not accurate and make their claim of precise hits a lie.

Have you tried this brand? We would be happy to hear your thoughts about it.

Overall Dosist Pen Review Score: 2.3/5

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