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Dope As Yola Tries To Smoke 40 Grams in One Sitting

I just came across this video and knew I had to prepare a short article.

Many of you already know Dope as Yola, he was one of the first weed influencers on social media. Since he started he has not stopped to produce funny and original content, sadly Instagram seems to hate his ass and deleted his accounts for like 420 times.

Anyway, luckily for us, his Instagram channel is still on, make sure to check him out on Youtube or on Instagram.

Have you ever seen someone smoke more than Dope As Yola? Let us know in the comments!

5 responses to “Dope As Yola Tries To Smoke 40 Grams in One Sitting”

  1. Gary says:

    What a pussy he better call his sister to smoke it before he coughs out a lung

  2. Yola says:

    Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaa. Fuckin awesome thank you guys

  3. Murphdizzle says:

    I wish he would hve said every few hits what his symptoms were. I mean yea i saw him getting higher by the minute, just wanted more talking. And laighing, so definately funny videos of like animals doing funny things or somethimg. Was fin to watch amd would jave been cool to get contact Haha how are his lungs now? The person that commented about him being a pissy for coughing…c’mon man taht is alot of beating he did on his throat and lungs. His boys should have refilled his bottle. Why eere there no snacks? Yola i want to talk to you about this!!! Haha

  4. JS says:

    This is so stupid, what a waste of money and bud. You got really high and just sat there the whole time, cool man. Doesn’t even show him completely finishing it too. I can see why IG isn’t crazy about this guy.

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