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Deftones Launch Their Own Cannabis Line

Deftones announced that they will enter the cannabis industry with a new cannabis lined called the ‘Deftones Cannabis Collection’.

“Throughout our career, it has been an ongoing mission to provide our fans with quality products,” said the band. “Whether it’s music, beer, or tequila, we put in the time, care, and effort to make sure we’re delivering merchandise to the market that have been thoroughly scrutinized by all of us. The obvious next step in this progression is cannabis.”

“In the foreseeable future, we will be rolling out several different products in this vertical via Golden Barn,” Deftones added. “We are excited to unveil our first: The Passenger Box. Follow @DeftonesCannabis to find the 9 locations that have our cannabis line in stock today in California. More will be distributed throughout the state in the following week.”

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