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The DEA Wants You To Stop Calling Them About Burning Cannabis

You probably have seen the story this week. The DEA is looking for a contractor that is able to burn 1000 pounds of cannabis per hour.

Even though there are special requirements for the job, it’ seems like a lot of people called the DEA and they are not amused.

In order to qualify for the job, the contractor must be able to incinerate various items like papers, cassette tapes, bulk marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and other incidental controlled substances. Further, the contractor must be able to burn at 1,000 pounds of marijuana per hour and for a minimum of eight consecutive hours per day.

While the contractor will need to do their own background checks and drug tests, the DEA says they reserve the right to conduct their own background check on the contractor’s personnel.

The DEA also requires that the contractor have their own closed-circuit cameras, and they observe the right to access the video to make sure the evidence is being properly destroyed.

Even though the requirements are clear, a lot of individuals seem to have contacted the DEA. So many that they had to publish this statement on Twitter:

If you also want to apply you can contact the DEA Houston via this number: (713) 693-3000 😉

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