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June 2019: Dank Vapes Fails Next Independent Lab Test

Dank Vapes has been caught again; this time their carts tested positive for pesticides. The lab test results have been posted on Instagram by @thedojaapp. They provided lab test results from BelCosta, a reputable lab in California.

The carts they tested also tested positive for lead (but within the CA legal limit). FENHEXAMID – is a synthetic floral fungicide that is used to control plant pathogens. Fenhexamid exposure is detrimental to respiratory systems, digestive tract, muscular system, and the central nervous system. This synthetic fungicide may also induce severe eye and skin irritations.

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So you guys wanted to see what a test result looks like for Dank vape with the new packaging. Here it is. I got this cart off a high schooler in So Cal. Its a shame that these kids only have access to illicit products. Im not at all trying to promote usage among young kids, Im just trying to raise awareness of how harmful black market carts can be. So lets break it down. This Dank Vape TESTED POSITIVE FOR 1 PESTICIDE OVER THE CA LEGAL LIMIT. It also tested positive for LEAD but within the CA legal limit. FENHEXAMID – is a synthetic floral fungicide that is used to control plant pathogens. Fenhexamid exposure is detrimental to respiratory systems, digestive tract, muscular system and the central nervous system. This synthetic fungicide may also induce severe eye and skin irritations. Keep in mind that there is no ‘real’ Dank vape company. Anyone can buy this packaging online and fill it themselves. So the next time your smoking on one of these, imagine them being filled in someone garage. WHERE YOU BUY YOUR CART MATTERS. These days you have to consider the unlicensed shops as black market. You can only know what’s in your cart if you purchase from a fully licensed shop. Health is a choice. I dont care what you do with your body, I just want you to be informed. #doja #dojaawareness #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #vape #cannabisvape #thcvape #cbdvape #vapecartridge #disposablevape #dank #weed #cannabisconcentrate #thc #pesticidefree #pesticide #weedstagram

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We found a wide array of cannabis products that tested for pesticides on the @thedojaapp Instagram page including Mario Carts, and Exotic Carts. We were quite surprised to see that even legally sold backwoods were showing up with pesticides. Don’t think you are safe with edibles because some contain pesticides too. This page is investing in lab test results for popular cannabis product brands to promote their app. The goal of their app is to create a user-generated database of reviews for cannabis products. 

I had a friend who lives in the bay area recently tell me he can get Dank Vapes for $10. There is no way these are not cut up with something to make it possible to profit if they sell for such a low price. The proof is in the lab test results showing synthetic cannabinoids found. 

Dank Vapes Cart Fails For 9 Pesticides

Dank Vapes lab test results

You can scan the QR code on the certificate of analysis to verify if the lab test is legit.

Many of the most popular THC oil cartridges are switching to BelCosta labs because of the fast turnaround time and affordable pricing. They also provide a simple way to verify if a lab test result is authentic. This QR verification feature has proven to be effective against black market cartridges trying to photoshop fake lab test results. We went onto their website to try and find the prices for these test and contacted them upon seeing instructions to request prices via email

The price for the Dank Vapes lab test was $275.00 and another $200 to test for heavy metals. That’s a total investment of $475.

Last year in December, the Dank Vapes cartridge Gorilla Glue failed for 9 different pesticides. It’s crucial to understand the risk of vaping contaminated hash oil cartridges. They can cause chest pain and breathing problems. Another side effect is throat irritation and some have even reported they vomited blood.

Many consumers think they are making a good deal with Dank Vapes because the carts are affordable but little do they know that they are putting their health at risk.

Dank Vapes also lies on their packaging about being organic but they have been exposed for having synthetic cannabinoids. 

Well Known Brands Have Pesticides In Their Products

It’s not only unlicensed hash oil brands failing lab test for pesticides. As we mentioned above many legally licensed cannabis companies are testing positive for pesticides. The Kusy brand, a popular cannabis brand in California tested for pesticides in their candy. We found it quite fascinating to see a Supreme vape cartridge test clean. We recommend you to follow @thedojaapp if you want to stay up to date with these carts and also other products like candy, blunt wraps and so on. 

We were astonished by the amount of prefilled cartridges found contaminated with pesticides and how they are for sale on Weedmaps. Beware of dispensaries operating without the necessary license to sell cannabis products, many are being shut down and caught with low quality THC oil cartridges such as Dank Vapes. As time progresses this black market cart continues to get proof that it’s nothing more than hot dog water. That’s a phrase used in the cannabis community for a diluted hash oil cartridge.

They are promoting their cannabis social media app through sharing lab test results on popular cannabis products. Unfortunately, we didn’t find their app very interesting. It’s basically a Reddit for only cannabis. It’s currently being spammed by people trying to sell homemade prefilled THC oil cartridges. The idea is a great concept for a cannabis community app platform, but there currently isn’t enough value with the user-generated content on there. We do however appreciate their public service by helping to spread awareness on the cannabis market and the need for stricter regulations on lab testing for cannabis businesses.

Fake Dank Vapes Carts?

We wrote a great article on how there may not be an actual Dank Vapes brand. If you want to find out more, we suggest reading the Fake Dank Vapes article. Basically, it’s mostly random people using the packaging to sell their own cannabis oil. Dank Vapes is a brand without any proof of proper cannabis licenses. It started with a person or group of people illegally manufacturing distillate oil and selling it under the Dank Vapes brand. 

A lot of people believe there is an actual company behind Dank Vapes. From what we see online, they are selling a shitload of carts, especially in states where cannabis is not legal yet. They became so popular that the Chinese marketplaces began to sell their empty packaging and vape cartridges. We will continue to post updates on the development of Dank Vapes, stay tuned for more!

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