Seth Rogan and James Franco made the cross joint an overnight sensation in the 2008 classic, Pineapple Express. While the design may seem a bit complex upon first glance, with a little patience and good joint technique anyone can master this exotic way to smoke two joints at once. The process itself may take a little practice, but the good news is, papers are cheap!

Take a glance through these steps then follow along with an easy how to video and you will be prepared to roll a cross joint on our own in no time!

What You’ll Need To Roll A Cross Joint:

3 long rolling papers
1 filter tip (optional, depending on how you roll)
Finely Ground Cannabis
A sharp tool (think pocket knife, Exacto knife, etc.)

A note on your cannabis choice here. Essentially this process starts with rolling two separate joints. If you want to get creative, have two strains ready. When you’re ready to light up, you get the benefits of both strains!

How to Roll A Cross Joint – Step by Step

  • Roll the first joint – roll the filter tip (if you’re using one), lay your paper out, put the tip in. Then fill up the paper with ground cannabis, spread it out evenly, and roll it up. Lick it along the glue strip and stick it. Continue to pack in cannabis until the joint is firm, but not overpacked. Set this joint to the side.
  • Roll the second joint – roll this one just like you did the first, but leave out the filter. Also, be aware you will need to be able to flatten out one end as you thread it through the other joint.
  • Prepare the second joint – Tear off the ends, basically, you need this joint slightly shorter than the other. Then poke a hole through the center of the joint. This will allow airflow through the intersection of the cross joint. Flatten one end out to make it easier to thread it through the main joint.
  • Prepare the first joint – now, using the sharp tool you’ll need to slice an opening about 3/4th of the way down from the filter, just wide enough to fit the flattened edge of the smaller joint. You may need to carefully twist and remove a little cannabis in order for the joint to properly slide into place.
  • Merge the joints together – Carefully thread the flattened end of the shorter joint through the opening you just created. Make sure the hole in the short joint lines up to allow airflow through the main joint. Be gentle to avoid tearing completely through the main joint. (This step takes practice!)
  • Seal the cross – carefully tear the glue strip from the third rolling paper. Lick it and wrap it around the open seams of the cross intersection.


Voila! Your Cross Joint Will Be An Instant Party Hit

Be advised, you really need to have a friend to help you smoke this novelty, as it takes three hands and three lighters to get it going, but the cross joint is an eye-catching, fun party favor, sure to be the talk of your next soiree!