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Cops Find Weed Carts Looking Like Kids Cereal

According to News14, authorities in Spencer County found several vape cartridges that contained 85-90% THC. The state troopers say, in Indiana, most cannabis flower contains between 8-12% THC.

From ISP Jasper
From ISP Jasper

The cartridges were packaged in boxes that looked exactly like children’s cereal. Indiana State Police Trooper Kaitlyn Greene and her partner K-9 Drogos assisted a Spencer County Deputy who found the vials during a traffic stop. It happened on US 261 near CR 1000 N near Chrisney.

Troopers say 19-year old Zachary Casillas-Gross of Owensboro is facing a cannabis possession charge.

From ISP Jasper
From ISP Jasper

Troopers say it’s their job to enforce laws, and not only are products like these illegal in Indiana, but they could also easily get into the hands of someone who could mistake them for candy (yeah sure….). The cops also stated that just one drop is extremely potent.

Troopers add, Indiana is a zero tolerance state. If you are found with THC in your bloodstream after a car crash, for example, you could still face charges, even if you consumed the THC in a place where it is legal.

These fake cartridges are a big problem in America, we recently wrote an article about it. Make sure to only buy your THC cartridges in a licensed dispensary to avoid buying any contaminated products. Learn more here.

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