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Man Owns Undercover Cop Trying to Bust Him for Weed, Sells Him Flowers Instead of Pot [Video]

In an epic act of trolling, a man who knew he was being set up, filmed himself selling completely legal flower buds to an undercover cop who was trying to buy weed.

This is a perfect example of the crazy the drug war that is still going on in many US states. Cops in Troy (Ohio) recently spent taxpayer dollars on busting a man they thought was selling weed. In reality, the man only sold them flowers because he knew the cop was undercover.

As you can see in the video, the officer in the hoodie looks suspect. He keeps asking to see the marijuana and acts as if he is in dire need of it as if he’s addicted.

“I just really need some f**kin’ bud,” the alleged undercover officer says as if he’s buying heroin. “Alright, give it here.”

The alleged officer then buys a bag which he has no idea of what’s in it. This was a dead giveaway that he was undercover, so the man filming asks him.

“You’re an undercover cop aren’t you?”

Hilariously, the alleged officer slips up and says ‘yes’ before denying it.

“Yeah…No,” the officer says.

After the transaction is over, the man filming tells the alleged undercover cop that he just bought a bag of flower buds for ten dollars. He then gets back in his car to leave.

Before he can leave, however, he is swarmed by cops who hold him at gunpoint but watch for yourselves.

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