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Cookies Cartridge Review: Overpriced G Pen Gio Pods

This Cookies cartridge review is for the new G pods. The Cookies brand is well known in California for its premium cannabis and recently they released their very own prefilled cartridges. The founder of Cookies is the bay area rapper Berner, his actual name is Gilbert Milam.

Unfortunately, there is a fake THC cartridge epidemic occurring in California and many other states. We break down the difference between a real and fake Cookies cartridge in this review. 

The Cookies brand partnered up with the makers of the G pods – which are not known for having the best vaporizer products on the market. In fact, they are well known for selling inferior vaporizers. This goes to show that Cookies must have gotten an impressive offer to team up with them. When it comes to cartridge manufacturers you would have way better options like CCELL or Ikrusher.

Cookies G Pod Review 4/5

cookies gio pod review

This half of a gram Cookies pod cartridge cost $50!

The Gio pods prefilled with Cookies THC oil provided me with a quick high from only a few puffs. Hits were smooth and provided big clouds, as a pod cartridge should. The high was comparable to other premium well-known cartridge brands such as Pure One and Brass Knuckles. The Gelato flavor from Cookies is sweet and the vapor is very smooth. The terpenes/oil ratio was perfect. I discovered that the G pod vaped the THC oil quite quickly, and within 2 days it was completely out. Total power compacity is 180 mAh and it charges fully in less than an hour.

Cookies G Pod Price – Rating 1/5

I purchased a half gram Cookies G pod from Eaze for $50.00 (before tax and fees). This is not a cheap prefilled cartridge and I expect a premium product for that price. To be honest, this product is not offering anything more than other pod cartridges with distillate. I am not going to recommend this Cookies pod for the current price it’s selling at. We think a price of $30.00 would be appropriate for a half gram.

G pen Battery Review – Rating 4/5

It’s bigger than the small size vape pens out there and it only costs $19.99 from the official GPen website. There, you will also find the Cookies edition Gpen batteries for the same price. They have a blue and white version. I also found the G pen vaporizer for sale at $30 on The G pen battery can sufficiently vape an entire half gram pod before needing to be recharged. I recommend sticking to the normal 510 connection cartridges for the Cookies brand which cost less than the pods. 

Cookies Cartridge Review Overall Rating 3/5

I wasn’t happy spending $50 for a half of a gram cartridge that only lasted two days. Sure it had a decent amount of THC inside and the taste was good, but it’s overpriced without any real justifications (apart from branding I guess…). I am a fan of their product but not the price. I rather spend $50 for a half gram sauce cartridge from KGB Reserves or Friendly Farms. These two companies offer full spectrum THC oil that provides a much more intense high compared to distillate and therefore these are worth the premium cost. 

Beware Of Fake Cookies Cartridges

Fake Cookies cartridges have been spotted all around the states. At the moment there are 510 connection cartridge options for Cookies available. Currently, these only come in a half gram option. Make sure to avoid full gram Cookies cartridges because they are not real. We have some great examples of some counterfeit cookie carts below. We encourage checking out the official Cookies Weedmaps page to make sure that you’re buying from a legitimate dispensary or delivery service. I recommend checking out Dr. Zodiak cartridges that cost the same for a full gram of distillate. Also, if you want to get more information about fake cartridges, make sure to read our article about it.

fake cookies cart

Looks real and good but there are no full gram Cookies cartridges.

fake cookies cartridge

Counterfeit Cookies cartridge, Runts should be Runtz, and there are no full gram Cookies carts.

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