This Company Will Pay You Thousands of Dollars to Travel and Smoke Weed

This Company Will Pay You Thousands of Dollars to Travel and Smoke Weed

Southern California vape company Heavy Hitters is hiring a national ambassador with a job listing that falls under the tagline “Smoke Weed. Travel. Get Paid.” Need we say more?

Heavy Hitters is looking to bring on 20 “Heavy Hitters Originals”. What’s your job? It’s pretty simple to be honest; you have to promote their vape cartridges at different expos and events as well as on social media. So, basically, you need some social media skills (the more followers you have the better), a deep love of cannabis (we know you guys have that), and most importantly, the ability to socialize. Sounds simple right?

The opportunity is open to any and everyone that loves good times and good cannabis,

a Heavy Hitter spokesperson said in an email. These are minimal requirements as far as employment pre-reqs go, so if your resumé feels a little sparse, make sure to apply before November 23, when applications close.

Each of these highly competitive ambassadors will earn $1,200 in cash each month along with $500 in credit for Heavy Hitters products. Is it weird that you’re accepting almost the entirety of your payment in cash? Yes. Should that stop you? Probably not, though you might want to consult your mom.

Beyond the actual cash-money, you’ll get to travel (all expenses paid, of course) to a roster of exciting cannabis events, you’ll be the first to try to out all the new strains and products from Heavy hitters, you’ll work alongside prominent dispensaries, budtenders, and local die-hard stoners, and, well, you’ll get high.

On the Heavy Hitters website, applicants are simply required to submit a short video explaining why they’re the best at ingesting cannabis, followed by a list of questions along the lines of, “How happy are you?” and “Do you love going to dope events?”

Now is your time. Sing up here (before November 23rd) and get paid money to smoke weed!