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This Company Will Pay You Thousands of Dollars to Travel and Smoke Weed

Southern California vape company Heavy Hitters is hiring a national ambassador with a job listing that falls under the tagline “Smoke Weed. Travel. Get Paid.” Need we say more?

Heavy Hitters is looking to bring on 20 “Heavy Hitters Originals”. What’s your job? It’s pretty simple to be honest; you have to promote their vape cartridges at different expos and events as well as on social media. So, basically, you need some social media skills (the more followers you have the better), a deep love of cannabis (we know you guys have that), and most importantly, the ability to socialize. Sounds simple right?

The opportunity is open to any and everyone that loves good times and good cannabis,

a Heavy Hitter spokesperson said in an email. These are minimal requirements as far as employment pre-reqs go, so if your resumé feels a little sparse, make sure to apply before November 23, when applications close.

Each of these highly competitive ambassadors will earn $1,200 in cash each month along with $500 in credit for Heavy Hitters products. Is it weird that you’re accepting almost the entirety of your payment in cash? Yes. Should that stop you? Probably not, though you might want to consult your mom.

Beyond the actual cash-money, you’ll get to travel (all expenses paid, of course) to a roster of exciting cannabis events, you’ll be the first to try to out all the new strains and products from Heavy hitters, you’ll work alongside prominent dispensaries, budtenders, and local die-hard stoners, and, well, you’ll get high.

On the Heavy Hitters website, applicants are simply required to submit a short video explaining why they’re the best at ingesting cannabis, followed by a list of questions along the lines of, “How happy are you?” and “Do you love going to dope events?”

Now is your time. Sing up here (before November 23rd) and get paid money to smoke weed!

143 responses to “This Company Will Pay You Thousands of Dollars to Travel and Smoke Weed”

  1. Elvis hair says:

    How do I get a job just to smoke weed

  2. Vimal gupta says:

    I fuckin love weed man🍁🔥

  3. Michael samms says:

    Hi I would like to volunteer

  4. David Ellis says:

    When do I start lol not weed smoker but I can be to travel to world Happy and hungry munchies call me 📞☎️

  5. Steve Masters says:

    I am a pot smoker from way back in the 70’s
    I can tell ya if it’s goid better or best

  6. Nabeel says:

    I Need Money For My Home I Am Very Poor …Help Me

  7. Esther Benavidez says:

    I would like to join

  8. Kristie Roasting says:

    how do I apply?

  9. Arron sellers says:

    This is an amazing opportunity! A free questions though:
    1-Are you eligible to apply as a non California resident?
    2- How often do you get to travel?
    3-Do cannibis laws have to be “recreational” in order to maintain employment?
    4- is there a minimum amount of cannabis “consumption” to qualify for position?

    I’m a 9-5, m-F worker and fulltime mom and I would love to give up my 9-5 for a “wake and bake all day” career! It’s full of life and happiness, travel and I’d love to be on board for a career like this!

  10. Neal says:

    This is neal from dhaka bangladesh..i am a vaper n mom has no issues with pot.i am 30 year old audio engineer and a musician.

  11. Abhishek Tiwari says:

    See I Do Cannabis and It Allow me To Travel Around Galaxy…..
    So, Do I Fit?

  12. Cole fowler says:

    I would love more information on this.

  13. Debra says:

    I am interested. Tell me more please. And I live in Texas.

  14. Michelle says:

    I am very interested please let me know how to apply

  15. Liza says:

    S.A also legalize i want to start a dispensery and help our medical marijuana industry to grow to its full potential. Help me making this dream come true and promote you product in an untouched and yet un discovered dispensery country , proper weed for the much needed patients My country needs dispenseries, bud farmers growers and promoters as well as a world famous product to be established.

  16. Davd. Wirth says:

    An im single .An have my card.

  17. Kumail zaveri says:

    I love to explore

  18. Marisol says:

    I’m very interested!

  19. I.m from Egypt I.m smoking cannabis 6 years and I.m 21 years old and I want to work for you for my rest of my life and if you agreed to work for you it will be for ever to me and I will not come back to Egypt again

  20. Edward Laughman II says:

    I would be honored.

  21. Michael Gilligan says:

    I am interested in this . I love weed I smoke every day . Please send me info.
    Thank you

  22. I would live to work for y’all! I’ve smoked for almost 40 yrs. Ready for a different venue of work! Can smoke and handle worj with no problems and i am very social!

  23. Evrold narcis says:

    Love cannabis

  24. Dee de says:

    I’m very interested in applying for a career in this

  25. Nathan smith says:

    I’m down

  26. Bill says:

    I been smoking weed for over 40 years i got people that grow let me try it to see if it is good been doig it for years

  27. Nishad says:

    Interested. More details please

  28. Sherri Littler says:

    I have smoked alot of Marijuana, but I like the flavors you get from the plant, the look of the plant! All plants are different! I Love That Its So Very interesting!

    Thank You
    Sherri Littler

  29. Santana Vigil says:

    Very interested. Would like more info

  30. Lindsey Feltman says:

    How do I sign up! Seriously

  31. Douglas white says:

    we’re do I apply for this job at?

  32. Danielle says:

    Hey heavy hitters!!!

  33. Ryan frade says:

    Hii my names Ryan i am super interested in applying for such a position dealing with medical drugs. Im well aware of how great it can be for research & always saving lifes of cancer patients all around the world. Hope to hear back from you guys soon thank you for your time

  34. Andrea McCall says:

    Can I start today?

  35. Charles Spiller says:

    Well first and foremost I’m 58 years old and I’ve been smoking weed for 50 years. I have also been a member of NORML, and been a part of this March long enough that to see it come to life would be amazing. Although I have a small following on social media, my followers are dedicated I would love to share this type of media. Thank you for considering me.

  36. This has to be to good to be true!

  37. Lakeisha Brown says:

    Please pick me I can’t record a video but I need this

  38. I’m your guy Rockstars!

  39. Sing up here or sign up here, need a proof reader? I’m very very good at spotting mistakes in written format.

  40. Brandi R. Harcrow says:

    SignMeUp,, TaNoW!!!

  41. Lize keenan says:

    I would like this job , I could be very helpful to you

  42. David L Paris says:

    Have any opportunities in Western Colorado?

  43. Timothy says:

    Sign me up

  44. Adam says:

    Hi I’m Adam Patterson can you send me more information to see if I qualify for this job

  45. Joseph tinsley says:

    I love smoking bud id love to work with yall

  46. Victoria Huff says:

    I would like to do this as I use regular for health benefits and travel all over anyway.

  47. Eric says:

    Hire me!

  48. Lavinia Busby says:

    I thought this is to much to be true. Would love to work this dream. Put my skill out there. Smoke dat tumble weed. Lookinf forward to your reply.

  49. Paul preston says:

    I’m 57 years old been smokin for 30 years + how much more experience do ya need. Not to mention I gotta line of b. S. A mile long and can talk to anybody n everbody. Add weed and mabey a couple of beverages and watch the show

  50. Kay Edgerly says:

    Hey I’m willing and ready. At my age I’m curious to learn more. Waiting to hear from y’all.

  51. Marcus Smith says:

    I am totally ready for something like this

  52. Nicholas Vanwaning says:

    Sounds amazing I love to travel

  53. Corey Schank says:

    Very interested in testing cannabis and products willing to travel

  54. Thomas says:

    How do i apply

  55. I would be a good ambassador because it has helped me with my endometriosis and the thc lotion and marijuana has helped me tremendously when I was walking and got hit by a car July 28 1018. It also helped with my anxiety when my brother and mom died in 2015 and my dad Sept 2017

  56. Paula Frick says:

    I’m in the health care business and helped to try to get ballets to make Marijuana legal in South Dakota, many of the residents I care for, wants to try but we can’t help them and it kills me. …. we can’t make life better? In my facility I filed my paper, twice. .

  57. Zahir Davids says:

    I have been smoking cannabis habitually for 25 years everyday all day as one would cigarettes… Have an incredibly high tolerance also able to stop and re start at will
    I can say I have very little side effects save my short term memory
    Am ideally suited

  58. Russel cosby says:

    Very interested in this been smoking since i was 18 am 59 now

  59. Angela Brown says:

    I would love to promote your product and i think i would be good at it too

  60. Stephen says:

    This would be the best job ever. I would do anything to get it. Please give me a chance. I live in Cape Town South Africa

  61. Jayde Leigh Jenks says:

    High from South Africa

    This opportunity would be one in a million !! For the love of cannabis

  62. Ernest Kilian says:

    I, m South African.. As all know… Cannabis has now been legalised in South Africa.

    I, m an agricultural consultant. Ten years ago, I realised the lies we, ve been sold by Big Ag, Big PHARMA. The paradigmshift came easy. Through you people I can now also make a difference on the pharmaceutical side. Please contact me.
    Kind regards
    Ernest Kilian

  63. Kevin Golden says:

    35 years of tokin. I’m an extremely strong believer in cannabis and the use of cannabis in this country I’m a connoisseur of weed. I am an activist and believe that everyone should be able to benefit from This truly god-given miracle plant. I would love to and would be honored to be your spokesperson please feel free to contact me at any time . thank you

  64. Hussam raed says:

    I’m hope to find my self in this experience and help us to make the world natural

  65. Sonny burrack says:

    Got to be me 💪

  66. Sonny burrack says:

    Got to be me

  67. Dee says:

    45 years of experience

  68. Timothy ladd says:

    I would love to travel and smoke

  69. Naomi. Simms says:

    How do I apply for the job that pays thousands to smoke weed, & travel?

  70. Josh says:

    I’m very interested

  71. Tiare Akana says:

    It’s a lifestyle, smoking. It’s just makes a big difference.

  72. BRUCE HUMEL says:

    I’m a 63 year old mail and the job sounds fantastic ,I’m single and on disability I have Glaucoma and I could be a great spokesperson for the medical side of cannabis. I also love to get blasted but I have a hard time finding it out here in Illinois and I don’t have the funds to purchase my medical permit

  73. Shiloh says:

    How do I get this trip?!

  74. Joseph says:

    I would love to participate in this travle and smoke promo. Im 35 and have been growen and smoken for 18 years now. I would be a perfect rep. for u all.

  75. Preston Ma cInnis says:

    Where can I sign up

  76. Al-abas sufian alnatsheh says:

    I need this travel and smoking

  77. Viet anh doan says:


  78. Charles Christakis says:

    i am interested . please contact me .
    thank you

  79. Bickerton Lane says:

    I saw your ad and was wondering if you guys are still hiring?

  80. Alyssa says:

    How do I sign up?

  81. Kashif Ali says:

    I’ve been a toner since November of ’94. I now have my medical card for physical reasons. Would LOVE to work in the cannabis industry!

  82. Shane Papatsie says:

    I think having someone from the great white North would be perfect to go on this journey

  83. Stephanie Lynch says:

    Iwant to do this

  84. Jonathan Rafael says:

    Lo mas feliz que experimento en el diario vivir es ser libre y hacer lo que amo

  85. Walter G. Gonzales says:

    I’m 64 yrs old been smoking since I was 11 I’m in a wheelchair used to smoke for fun now I use it as medicine my pain also a Vietnam Veteran.

  86. Karissa says:

    Hello? That sounds fun! Can I do it. Jp

  87. Eddie says:

    Lest crush the typical stereotype of lazy pit head.

  88. Frances Hookway says:

    Im so the person fot the job
    Im 50 years young been smoking since i was 13. Im going for medical ive tired all different kinds i can travel .
    Would love to meet new people an see beautiful places try new things so many things on my Bucker list.
    Have a Good Day
    Hope to hear from you.

  89. Ebrahim bounaija says:

    Hello I’m a traveller who loves to explore new places and get to know new people always I would love to apply to this chance to experience this great journey and meet other people who loves to do the same

  90. David says:

    I am available.

  91. Ibrahima Gueye says:

    I would love to do this

  92. I am interested in becoming an ambassador. Cheers RobRoy

  93. Garnett price says:

    How do I sign up

  94. Mark Lopes says:

    Would love to go traveling and burn, and burn and

  95. Michael Bacon says:

    How and when can i start

  96. Derek Womack says:

    My name is Derek I’d like to apply for the job.

  97. mohd riat says:


  98. Shine zacharias says:

    Woooow whom ever win this am so happy for them love u guys bless u all.

  99. Salman says:

    I like to do😊

  100. Jesse says:

    I want the job
    Am from Uganda
    My social media not that active
    But marketing is not my problem

  101. Joshua Daniel Reeves says:

    I want in 303 350 7019 Owensboro Kentucky

  102. santiago says:

    i love it

  103. La’Shawn Caleb says:

    I am interested in getting a job with you all!

  104. Prashant sikdar says:

    I would like to apply for this profile. No one else suits this profile

  105. Katja says:

    Always want to learn About (medical) cannabis and how it works for diverent people.

  106. Luna says:

    I can not tell you how amazing this would’ve been if I qualified, I know I dont have a huge social media following and I haven’t gotten my passport made yet.

    But I just wanted to say even if im not eligible to apply this time I think this is awesome. People like me can barely afford great kush, let alone travelling the world and attending expos man like yho! I sincerely hope his opportunity comes around again when I meet the requirements. Please please please keep this kinda stuff open.. or inclusive stoner travel packages if you come agross any.

    Thanks a lot for the opportunity you guys I hope the people that were approved have a kickass time! Farewell until next time!

  107. Melissa Johnson says:

    Hey look this is for me. I’m used to teavelling and flying in a plane as I have travelled and lived all around the world. I smoke a lot of weed.

  108. Nicole Gray says:

    I would love to travel and get paid to smoke weed 🙂

  109. Ramon Sepulveda says:

    Would love to give it a try I was in a bad motorcycle accident 7months ago where I lost my arm long story short made me a vary inspirational to Many people. Plus I’m located in Colorado most of my surroundings r people’ that Blazz

  110. Jeannine Mackinnon says:

    I have been smoking since I was 15. I am now 47. I have a disabled child. I need this job

  111. Jeff Bernat says:

    Would love the opportunity, no kids and have my passport

  112. Andre says:

    How do I apply

  113. Lynn says:

    Would love this job

  114. Justin says:

    Would enjoy this very much

  115. Karina says:

    I want to learn more

  116. Kyle kirby says:

    This would be a dream come true please

  117. Domen says:

    I would like to smoke weed and travel for you!

  118. Antoine Robinson says:

    Hi life

  119. Lisa milton says:

    I’ve been a grower for many yrs .. I have the knolage to help ppl, would love to help and let ppl knw that it benefits in so many ways. I’d love to work for u all. ✌

  120. William Weeds says:

    I live in u.k would this be a problem. 🙈 I would be interested in this venture !

  121. Affu says:

    I would love to join

  122. Courtney says:

    sign me up

  123. Shaddy herin says:

    Hiii I’m really happy and excited when I saw this news and I’m would bee happy to join this very soon . Hope to get a reply soon


  124. Gayarre Williams says:

    I’m interested in the job black male 54 years old smoking weed over 30 years so I’m the man

  125. Nakia hunter says:

    Chuck norris

  126. Kelwin Hollunder says:

    Hello, i am Kelwin and i really interested in this job.
    I have a great knowledge about this.

  127. Alisha says:

    This would be a great experience.

  128. Rafael Barragan says:

    I love to travel as well love to bring my flowers with me. If y’all have room for a weirdo like myself to spread the word of peace and love sharing the flowers that were given to us all from above. I am 27 of age and perfect for the job. And great at advertising fo I used to do small commercials for my friends business. Have any questions 415-756-5024 give me a call or text and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.!

  129. Jeremiah says:

    im game

  130. Lee biggs says:

    Is like to work with yall

  131. James hjelle says:

    Very interested in smoking weed and making money.

  132. jonathan swayze says:

    I have money multiple sclerosis.

  133. Micheal Floyd says:

    So how do I get started.

  134. Jorge says:

    Me encanta azy no ganara loz 300

  135. Navin palanisamy says:

    How to apply this job

  136. Nicolas says:

    How do I apply?

  137. Dawn says:

    Hello..Hapy Thanksgiving to yo all! I have been trying to find a doctor that I can go to and apply for the medical marijuana! I have severe chronic pain every day! I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia! I barely could get out of bed every day so I had to quit my job after 19 years working there cause i can barely move my body! Can someone please help me! I have recently tried the medical marijuana and it felt so good to relieve the pain in my body and back! I appreciate it if someone can help me get started with this! God bless you and and enjoy your holiday!

  138. Toni says:

    Well go jail in that country

  139. Ashton L Southard says:

    That would be my dream come true🤩🤩

  140. Adrian says:

    I”ll do it and you wont be disappointed .

  141. Timothy romines says:

    I would love to do this everyday and my wife I know would love it too. I have tried 15 strains and created a strain of my own devise from a blue Hawaiian seed from 1945 that my grandfather kept. I mixed with oh and white widow. The smell and color reminded me of the smurfs so I called it papa smurf.

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