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Coffeeshop The Stud

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Coffeeshop the Stud is a very popular coffeeshop in Amsterdam East. When approaching coffeeshop the stud you directly see the big sign above the shop. Next to it, the Stud store where they sell merchandise and the indica clothing line.

Coffeeshop The Stud Shop Front

On entrance you walk directly into the counter where on both sides monitors show the diverse menu of weed, hashes and pre rolled joints. You’re greeted by Dutch speaking budtenders. Prices are very modest here making it very popular with the local people. Strains like Strawberry Banana Kush attract not only the locals, tourist find their way as well to this coffeeshop for their good quality/price ratio.

The menu of the stud is categorized in skunk, hashes and edibles. The price indicates how much bud you get. You can pick between 5, 10 and 20 euro bags. 5 euro bags you only get with 4 strains, the cheapest obviously. Bud is pre-packed and you given the option to pick between bags. Every strain got a different color bag, making identifying them easy.

On the Weed Menu you find the cannabis strains. Often called ‘skunk’ here in Amsterdam a bit of a old term. The ‘skunk’ menu consists of some old school strains like white widow, amnesia haze and G13 but also popular more recent strains like Kosher Kush/shoreline, Jesus OG and Critical Neville Haze. The hash list is very diverse as well. A couple of polm’s, champagne and trempleball hash to just name a few. Some of the strains have the price of a pre-rolled joint listed. These joints are with tobacco.

When you want to sit down and have a drink they let you into the smoke area. It is not big, but equipped with everything you need. When you enter you see football memorabilia on the walls from Ajax, the Amsterdam football club. Comfy benches against the walls and everything you need to roll up is present at the table. In the back is a volcano vaporizer that can be used. Board games to play with your friends and a computer where you have access to the Internet. Definitely worth checking out when exploring Amsterdam.

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