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Coffeeshop Relax Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden, Netherlands
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Coffeeshop Relax is located on the Tuinen 33 in Leeuwarden. Situated in the Vrijheidswijk (freedoms neighborhood) overlooking the canal and close to the old city center. The shop is easy to reach by public transport and parking can be a problem when you travel by car. The shop is easy to recognize by the big green signs saying RELAX.

The menu is categorized on weed and hash strains and you can buy pre made bags of 5, 10, 20 and 30 euro. They have a lot of haze strains available like Super lemon haze, super Silver haze and Super Amnesia Haze. But they also have some indica dominant strains like AK 47 and Bruce Banner. The hash list contains a lot of names and are mostly traditional Moroccan strains with names like, King Moroc, Carramel Moroc, Super Polm and Queen Moroc.
They have some prerolled spliffs and sell papers tips and grinders.

Inside you get the feeling like being in a old brown cafe. The vibe is relaxed and people are chilling conversation and enjoying the nice coffees they make here.
A great place to read the newspaper or place some board games with friends.

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