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Coffeeshop Relax Centrum

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Coffeeshop Relax is a small shop situated at the on the corner where the Binnen Oranjestraat crosses with the Vinkenstraat in Amsterdam. 

From outside it looks like an old brown cafe. That feeling persists when you go inside. Wooden accents and bar stools with red leather seats make you feel right at home.

Coffeeshop Relax Centrum

There’s a relaxed atmosphere and locals chat and smoke away. When you enter you directly walk into the bar where you can purchase the weed and hash. You can also order your drinks there.

One unique thing to note is that this shop tests all strains including hash — one of the few coffee shops that do this and a very welcome sight. You can ask for a book that contains all the lab reports by cannabytics — a great way to inform yourself about the strains that they sell.

With the lab tests, you can directly see which products contain the highest terpene percentages and therefore provide the best taste. Your also sure you get clean weed. If you ask us, that’s something all the shops should do.

Coffeeshop Relax lab results book

The list of strains contains a couple of different weed varieties like Birthday Cake Kush, Bio Haze -and Silver Haze and Shoreline. 

The hash list consists of mostly old school import hashes like Beldina, Afghan, Super Pollen. A few Dutch made hashes like; Amnesia, Polm and Kush Hash. They also have Moon Rocks and pre-rolled joints.

Behind the bar, they have a small selection head shop products available if you need a grinder or some papers. 

After all, the Coffeeshop Relax is a lovely local shop where you can rest for a moment and enjoy your coffee and have a toke.

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