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Coffeeshop Missouri

Maastricht, Netherlands
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Coffeeshop Missouri is a small shop that is situated on the hoogbrugstraat in the old city center of Maastricht. Previously known as the smurf named after the blue little cartoons characters. The coffeeshop changed its name some years ago to Missouri after joining the Mississippi Coffeeshop venture.

Coffeeshop Missouri

On entrance you walk into a little show case that contains some cannabis related products like grinders, papers and cbd products. Some trophies won by this shop are put on display as well here.

When you walk a bit forward towards the bar, you are prompt to show your ID and proof of residence by a employee. The shop is long and small. At the end of the counter/bar you can purchase cannabis and hash. If you walk a bit further you enter the smoke lounge. Tables to the left and right with comfortable benches. Throughout the shop Tv’s are playing different Programmes. There is a box with board games available like chess and Dämme. They play mostly electronic  music and reggae.

Coffeeshop Missouri

They have a very big list of strains all lined up on a display bin the back of the counter. Every strain got a indica/sativa indication. Prices are average, ranging from 8 euro to 14,50. There are a lot of well known names available like white Rhino and Gorilla Glue, shoreline and Bruce banner. The Strawberry Diesel is very nice in particularly and at 12 euro very well priced as well for the quality. The strawberry got a very nice natural strawberry taste and smell with a great Diesel undertones. Proper terpy if you ask us!

The hashes list is mixed. New school hashes like Cheese hash and Amnesia hash are available and old school import hash like super pollen and ketama. There is a special list with deals and mixes like gruis (small buds and shake) that go for cheap prices.

Coffeeshop Missouri

The drinks that are served are your typical popular soft drinks. There is also no food available except chocolate bars and candy. A small little shop with some really nice tasty strains.


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