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Coffeeshop Maxcy’s

Maastricht, Netherlands
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Coffeeshop Maxcy’s is situated in the rechtstraat one of the oldest streets in the Netherlands going back to Roman times. From the outside the name Maxcy’s shines brightly from a neon sign. The shop was normally recognizable by its yellowish painted walls. Recently they repainted the coffeeshop to a black and white color scheme.

On entrance you directly have to show your ID and proof of housing stating you live in the Netherlands to a friendly crew member. Foreigners are denied entry in the Maastricht coffeeshops. So you will only see dutch locals and exchange students that live in the city itself. After your cleared to go inside you directly walk into the counter where drinks, papers and snacks can be ordered. At this place it is not allowed to smoke tobacco or weed mixed with tobacco. Only pure cannabis is allowed to be smoked here.

Coffeeshop Maxcy’s

To order bud you need to walk to the back of the shop where a window is accompanied by a monitor and budtender ready to take your order. The menu got a couple of old school strains like Santa Maria and Super Jack and a few newer ones, like Casey Jones and Headbanger. Next to the weed there are a couple of old school hashes and pre rolled joints available. You won’t find any edibles since they are not allowed to be sold in Maastricht coffeeshops due to local law.

The smoke area or the so called aquarium is the place where you can smoke tobacco mixed joints and cigarettes. You will find board games and a tv monitor that can be used to watch national tv channels. They have a volcano vaporizer available as well for those who want to have a vape. They also have a computer for those that seek access to a computer while getting stoned.

A wonderful little coffeeshop that is located in one of the most beautiful streets of Maastricht. Close to the central station, this shop should not be skipped on a trip to Maastricht.


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