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Coffeeshop Happy Feelings

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Opening Hours
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In the Kerkstraat in Amsterdam you find coffeeshop happy feelings. When you enter you walk directly into the counter where you can purchase your bud. Next the counter is a roll gate that lets you into the smoke and chill area. But only when the budtender lets you in.

Coffeeshop Happy Feelings Shop Front

On your left is the rest of the bar, but you won’t get drinks there, these all get sold in vending machines in the back. Same goes for papers and snacks. Of course there are free papers available at the bar. On the left and right of the smoking area there are high tables that are fitted with Verdamper Vaporizers that slowly change color. Big tv screens are placed around the place and play sport or tv shows.

The menu consists of two lists, hash and cannabis. 
The left list ‘the hash one’ got some nice old school strains like super pollen, bubble hash and Nepal Cream. It also lists some pre rolled hash joints that contain tobacco.
The cannabis list that is on the right of the menu contains some interesting variations. On the top are the sativa dominant strains listed. Strains like Elephant Kush, Diesel and Star tonic or the Happy Haze. Listed below are the indica dominant strains with names like Casey Jones, La Confidential and Kushadelic. Below this are the pre rolled joints there are some pure joints and some mixed with tobacco. Papaya is one of the strains available in pre rolled form, also the pure diesel.

Coffeeshop Happy Feelings Verdamper


There is a lovely atmosphere with reggae music playing, people enjoy their cannabis. There is a good ventilation system keeping the room clear of unwanted tobacco smoke.

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