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Coffeeshop De Kade

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
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Coffeeshop de Kade is a small coffeeshop in the Stadion neighborhood. Overviewing the stadion canal, situated a bit out of the center it is mostly popular by locals for their exotic and long list of top notch strains.

Coffeeshop De Kade Logo

On entrance you walk into a counter where your greeted by a lady ready to take your order. Behind the counter on the wall the strains are put on display in plastic airtight containers labeled with their names. Two monitors show the menu with a impressive list of strains. Holy grail, old dirty biker and scot’s OG are just some of the indica dominant strains listed under Indica. The sativa list is very impressive as well, with a lovely beachfront (shoreline).

Coffeeshop De Kade Interior


Next to the Marihuana list there is a hash and a prerolled part on the menu. The hash list is huge and contains a lot of popular strains like Kosher Kush, Sourdiesel and Cannalope. Hash from these strains are rare, next to the popular new school hashes there are also some old school hashes like super pollem, afghani and champagne.

The list with pre rolled joints starts with 2 edibles. A space cereal bar and a space muffin. After that there are strains listed noted with the price per piece or 5. The first one is a pure joint filled with a haze. The rest of the prerolled are mixed with tobacco.

Coffeeshop De Kade Interior

A bit further in the shop is the smoke area with a long wall leather bench and tables alongside. On the opposite side a flipperkast and a soccer table machine is ready to be played. While your there the cat Stitch might be in for a game of fetch. You’le see him laying around somewhere when you have a toke. Lovely coffeeshop definitely worth visiting when your visiting Amsterdam.

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