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Coffeeshop Culture Boat

Utrecht, Netherlands
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Opening Hours
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Coffeeshop Culture Boat is located on a canal parallel to the Wittevrouwensingel in Utrecht. You can spot it from afar from the white lamps that shine bright from the mast.

Coffeeshop Culture Boat Shop Front

When you enter you directly walk into a very cozy and warm that gives a House like feeling. The bar is directly in front of you and behind the bar you can find a monitor that shows the prices of the strains they offer.

There is a list of new school hashes and some hybrid strains. They also have cbd weed listed a good thing to see. Most of their strains get tested and will have the test results printed on the bag. They have a small assortment of headshop articles and vaporizers. Drinks can be ordered at the bar there also can be smoked pure in this area but no one seems to do so.

Coffeeshop Culture Seating

There are two smoke areas one on the beginning and one on the end of the ship. These areas are separated by a door and tobacco smoke and spliffs are allowed here. The smoke rooms are filled with tables and wooden benches that are placed on red rugs.

There is a healthy mix of tourists, locals and students smoking and conversing. The music is relaxed and there is a great vibe. The purple haze is clean and burns nice white. A lovely flavor as well, the typical linalool taste with a sweet grape and berry flavor. Tiny bit pungent and hazy.

Test results show it’s clean. A great addition to this lovely boat Coffeeshop. A great and lovely atmospheric place to enjoy coffee and a toke from clean and tasteful cannabis. Definitely worth the extra walk checking this boat Coffeeshop out when you’re visiting Utrecht and all its wonders.

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