Cloudious9 – Hydrology9 Liquid Filtration Vaporizer

June 17, 2017


A new portable water vaporizer called the Hydrology9 has recently been released from the company Cloudious9. The Hydrology9 is a new type of device that brings to life never-before-seen features in the world of portable vaporizers.


Combining the best of both worlds that aim to help deliver a smoother and cleaner hit the Hydrology9 operates both as a vaporizer and as a bong. The concept for the new device was first introduced back in March of 2015, but the company has been working on perfecting the device for the initial launch version which has just been made available as of May 15 2017. Cloudious9 is very passionate about their product and this can been seen in the quality and build of the Hydrology9.

Features, Components and Build Quality of the Hydrology9

Components/Features of the Hydrology9 Vaporizer

The Hydrology9 is built very well and is comprised of space-grade and anti-rust materials. The device works with water which makes it necessary to use anti-rust materials in order for the device to remain in excellent condition after extensive use. The space grade aluminum alloy body is very tough and works very nicely with the overall design. The center glass tube that you see which holds the water is held in place through the tightening pressure of screwing on the upper half to the lower body. The central glass tube does not screw in itself and with this structure is how the device is able to prevent water leakage. If you do have a bit of water leakage all you need to do is twist the top half on a bit more snug.


Starting from the top of the Hydrology9 you will see the mouthpiece cover. The mouthpiece cover is magnetic and sits in place very securely. Below the mouthpiece is a system that helps to prevent water from leaking upwards when the device is upside down or being rotated on an angle to reload the oven. It is not recommended to keep flipping the device around and around as this will result in some water dripping out. This is not a big deal, but just something to be aware of. The mouthpiece itself is made from borosilicate glass and has the anti-leak design. The mouthpiece lid and the mouthpiece itself are both detachable which allow for very easy maintenance of the vaporizer.


The water filtration system is the first of its kind and brings a fresh clean new take on what a portable vaporizer can be. The patent pending tunnel tube filtration system helps to give you a cleaner and smoother inhalation that creates additional layers of protection over other portable vaporizers in preventing harmful carcinogens from entering a person’s body. The Hydrology9 is built with LED lights to help guide you and notify you of the devices current status and temperature settings. Built into the side of the water vaporizer is a air intake hole, which has been built a bit larger than the original concept designs first displayed. A computer chip helps to control the temperature integrity and allows the device to maintain your chosen heat setting during the course of your session.

Oven and Vapor Method (Conduction)

The oven is located at the bottom of the Hydrology9 and can be easily twisted off and cleaned out or reloaded. The lid for the oven has a patent pending stir stick which you can turn while your session is happening to create a more even heat distribution that helps to optimize your dry herbs. The ceramic oven is fairly large and works with dry herbs. The heat method used with the Hydrology9 is conduction style, and the stir stick was designed to improve the conduction experience.

Hydrology9 Warranty

Also included in the package that you get when ordering a Hydrology9 is the user manual, a USB charging cable and wall plugin, as well as a cleaning kit to help keep the device in top condition. The Hydrology9 comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty in case there are any defects or issues that occur from standard use. If you happen to break one of the components you are able to order to parts individually instead of having to replace the whole unit.


The built in internal battery for the Hydrology9 is a 2000mAH Lithium Polymer that lasts 11-15 sessions. The device takes 2-3 hours to charge fully and reaches optimal heat at about 50 to 60 seconds.

Temperature Controls

The temperature controls for the Hydrology9 are very straightforward and simple to use. The device only has one button and after you press it 3 times to turn on, you push it one more time to start heating up. Each time you press the main button after your initial 3 presses it will cycle through the 5 preset temperature modes. We will touch on this again in more detail below.


The temperature for the 5 setting is as follows. Cloudious9 said they intentionally have the highest setting above combustion point for those that want a bigger hit, because they find it not only gives you a bigger hit, but that the water filtration essentially balances out the slight combustion that was produced, and the hit is still very clean and smooth.


Blue – 200C/392F
Greenish Yellow – 210C/410F
Orange – 220C/428F
Purple – 230C/446F
Red – 240C/464F

Portability of the Hydrology9

The Hydrology9 liquid filtration vaporizer is considered a portable vaporizer because it does not need to be plugged in to use, and it includes an internal battery. The device is a bit larger than your typical compact portable vaporizer, but that is the price you’ll have to pay for achieving the cleanliness of water filtration. The strong battery gives you enough juice for around 11 sessions and the anti-leak design combined with the leather carrying case make the device safe to travel with.

How to Use the Hydrology9

The Hydrology9 has 5 preset temperatures that are indicated by 5 different colored flashing lights. Blue is the lowest temperature setting and red is the highest. In order to turn the device on you need to push the power button quickly 3 times. Than to choose a heat setting you press the power button again once. This will activate the Hydrology9 and begin heating it to the previously set temperature. If you want to switch through to a different heat setting you just push the power button again, each time your press it, it will flash a different color.


The Hydrology9 will continue to flash one of the 5 colors until the temperature has reached the current setting. After about 50 seconds the LED lights will stop flashing and will turn solid green. Solid green means the Hydrology9 is ready and you should begin inhalation. It is recommended that you allow for 3 to 5 seconds in between each inhalation to allow the oven to get back to the desired temperature. Each session will last 2 minutes, followed by a 60 second cool down. The solid green light will turn flashing blue then solid blue for 60 seconds. After the blue light turns off you can press the power button to start a new session.


The Hydrology9 also has a room ambience mode which allows the device to look pretty while rotating through the various lights. This mode only works when the device is not being used as a vaporizer but just for cool room decor.

About the Manufacturer

Cloudious9 is the team behind the development of the Hydrology9. Cloudious9 has their head office in Silicon Valley in California. Cloudious9’s main goal is to deliver one of the best possible user experiences and exceed the expectations of their customers.

Where to Buy the Hydrology9 Vaporizer

Cloudious9 is the company behind the Hydrology 9 Portable Vaporizer, and the head office is located in Silicon Valley in California, USA. Cloudious9 is one of the newest companies to enter into the vaporizer industry. Their new liquid filtration vaporizer is in very high demand and is priced competitively among the industries top devices at the $250 dollar mark. You can order a Hydrology9 from the official Cloudious9 website here.



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