There are a lot of ways to smoke weed. For many of us, nothing beats a good old-fashioned glass pipe or bong. Glass is nice because it’s easier to fill than a blunt paper, and nothing beats the feeling of pulling out your favorite pipe to pack up and pass around. Glassware can cost anywhere from a couple bucks to a couple thousand bucks, so there’s something out there whether you want cheap pipes and bongs or a custom piece.

As marijuana becomes mainstream, more online head shops are popping up that sell glass at every price point. Here are some of the best places to buy cheap bongs and pipes online.

Cheap Pipes and Bongs on Amazon

Amazon is the king of fast, cheap, and easy shopping, so if you’re looking for a cheap pipe or bubbler for under 20 bucks it’s naturally the first place to look. 

Portable Water Pipe – This is a great mini hookah-style water pipe that’s small enough for a nightly solo sesh or to pack up for travel. Even better? Prime shipping!

Handmade Crystal Clear Vase Bong – If you’re searching for baby’s first bong, this 5-inch glass piece ships Prime and is a nice starter piece.  

Small Shiny Tobacco Pipe – Simple, cheap, no frills, Prime shipping. Just how baby’s first pipe should be. 

Metal pipe, grinder, and screen kit – Start your collection of smoking accessories for under 15 bucks with this kit that includes a funky metal pipe, herb grinder, and pipe screens.

Cheap Pipes and Bong Shops on Etsy

Etsy is booming with talented glass artists, so it’s a great spot to find cheap pipes and bongs in some unique styles. Here are some of the best shops for cheap glass on Etsy.

The Fleek Market – Their slogan is “quality glass on the low,” and their collection of glass pipes and bongs start as low as $7.

Gradient Pipes – This shop is full of adorable elephant pipes for less than 20 bucks.

Fat Buddha Glass – Lots of pipes under 20 bucks with some unique colors and shapes.

Crystal City Glass Pipe – Plenty of glass pipes for 25 bucks or less.

Vroshh Glass – There are some expensive pieces, but this galaxy cobalt pipe is only 16 bucks and I can’t stop looking at it. 

Cheap Glass Shops Around the Web

The nice thing about shopping for cheap glass online is that many shops will offer basic glass pieces to customers at wholesale prices. Here are some online shops for cheap glass we recommend. – Smokeday has a whole section of glass pipes for $10 or less, perfect if you’re on a budget and just need the basics. – One of the biggest selections of glass pipes, tasters, and steamrollers for under $25. – Smoke Cartel has a igb selection of glass water bongs under $100. Water bongs and bubblers can reach into the hundreds or thousands, so this is a great shop for your first piece. – The Bong Outlet has a whole selection of fun and funky glassware for impressively low prices.