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Why CBD Oil is Perfect for Treating Acne

The value of the worldwide market dealing with acne-treatment is currently $4.3billion and continuing to grow. Despite this we are still in search of a perfect solution to this persistent menace flaring up on many a back and face all over the country. Cannabidiol, as most of you already know, is known for controlling inflammation and epileptic seizures. Researchers have now turned to test CBD oil for acne treatment and the results at the initial stages are impressive.

How Serious Is This?

If you also believe that only the teenagers are subject to acne-fighting, think again! In some cases, the irritation grows intense and keeps irritating adults. Sometimes, severe acne triggers painful irritation. In 2016, nearly 50 million Americans suffered from this unwanted skin condition. If you fail to treat acne before the condition worsens, the chances of depression increase dramatically.

What Causes Acne?

Extra oil production from overactive sebaceous glands results in the clogging of skin pores. The bacteria on the skin’s surface are trapped and they infect clogged pores. This is why people with oily skin are more susceptible to having acne flare up on their back and face. Any of the following factors may result in excessive oil production from the glands:

  • Hormones

  • Genetics

  • Stress

  • Diet

  • Menstruation

  • Medication

CBD Oil For Acne Treatment

Over the years, various acne treatments have emerged but have since vanished due to their crippling side effects. Over the years, this has left countless people disappointed. CBD oil has emerged as a promising solution for treating acne. Scientific studies concluded that there are three ways in which CBD oil can turn the tables on the resilient illness:

  1. Controlling inflammation – CBD is a well-known anti-inflammatory; inflammation of dead skin cells is one of the major factors which triggers acne growth. CBD oil is best known to stop systematic inflammation and people have had great success in using it as quick relief from the prominent symptoms of acne.

  1. Controlling oil production – There is no better solution than CBD oil when it comes to helping the sebaceous glands to regulate the production of oil and sebum. Whether applied to the skin or ingested, CBD oil works well to overcome pore clogging.

  1. Minimizing stress – Most of us celebrate CBD for its ability to reduce stress by helping the endocannabinoid system. Anxiety, stress, and depression are all the result of a disturbed endocannabinoid system, whereas CBD oil helps heart rate by lowering it to normal frequency.

CBD oil carries therapeutic benefits for human health and helps fight against Chronic Unpredictable Stress (CUS)

  • (International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology)

Stress and acne are interrelated and once the bond is developed, it becomes a tough ask to control and minimize. Stress leads to the creation of a cortisol spike in the brain. This condition increases the inflammation level, which further leads to an increase in the production of sebum, thus providing a happy hunting ground for acne.

CBD oil is a dynamic solution in treating acne as it works across several different levels. It controls stress, which leads to the reduction of oil production and inflammation. CBD oil can also work well to treat chronic adult acne, even when other prescription medication has failed to generate results. 

What Does Science Say About The CBD Oil for Acne Treatment?

Different studies conclude that CBD has the power to activate the endocannabinoid system. Anandamide is known for regulating cell growth; it is responsible for the differentiation between living and dead skin cells. CBD oil also helps to restore Anandamide’s ability to do this if it is damaged for some reason. When Anandamide fails to work properly, the balance gets disturbed and skin health is damaged.

CBD controls lipid production, and its application to the skin cells minimizes the inflammation – a property which had never been considered before – and this discovery can serve the beginning of a completely new acne therapy.

Biro further suggests that unlike other prescription medication, CBD doesn’t seem to inflict side effects. Talking about the conventional treatments for acne, Biro says, most medication damages healthy cells because there is no way for those medicines to distinguish between dead and living cells. As a result, most people report sking that grew itchy, irritating and dull. Cannbidiol is unique in that it only targets the cells with excessive oil production and doesn’t damage healthy cells. Moreover, Biro suggests that the required dose of CBD is extremely low as compared to that of the conventional medicines extracted from Vitamin A.

Using CBD Oil for Acne Treatment

Most of the studies advocate topical use when it comes to treating acne with CBD oil, whereas some researchers advocate the use of CBD oil as a daily supplement given that it has the potential to address skin problems from within the body due to its anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving attributes. Pain relief, reduced depression, decreased anxiety, stress relief, migraine relief, and controlled hear rate are some of the major benefits which come with CBD oil. Experts are of the view that you need to first stop using cosmetics and other skin care products before trying CBD oil for acne treatment. CBD oil products are also available online, but you need to be careful about terms and conditions as well as state laws. The legislation process is still ongoing in many states and countries, and different states have different laws about consumption and possession of CBD oil.

Final Thought!

CBD oil is free from chemicals, and studies anticipate that it doesn’t carry the risk of side effects. CBD oil acne may become a revolutionary success story for medical scientists in the near future. The journey is not over, it is a long way ahead, full of hurdles and challenges. For some geeks, CBD oil keeps you safe from acne for as long as you keep using it. What if you stop using CBD after getting rid of acne once? We’ll have to wait for further research and reliable conclusions from the experts. Until then, if you suffer with acne, it could be worth giving CBD a try.

2 responses to “Why CBD Oil is Perfect for Treating Acne”

  1. Hayley says:

    I’m a big fan of CBD oil and its health benefits, but I’ve used it in the past for acne and found it to be no use. Most skin products designed to treat acne always seem to give me better results. I think people are getting ahead of themselves with the benefits of CBD. Some people seem to think it will cure everything…..False hope

  2. Josh says:

    Completely agree with the first comment. Articles like this distract newcomers to CBD of its great benefits which I feel gives them a negative outlook on the product. Its the equivalent of having a great petrol car and putting diesel in it!!

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