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CBD Oil for Cats: Let’s Take A Look At 7 Potential Health Benefits


CBD oil is often used for humans and dogs, but can you also give it to your cat? The answer is yes; cats also have an endocannabinoid system.

Many people ask if it is safe. When asked this question, DDVM Gary Richter, who is a holistic veterinarian in Oakland, CA, states that CBD is “generally safe for cats…” he adds that it may cause sedation or gastrointestinal upset which can you can stop by discontinuing the treatment.

Typically when diarrhea happens from CBD oil, all one needs to do is stop the next dosage, wait for the intestines to get back on track, and then resume treatment at a lower dose.

Traditionally trained veterinarians are still sometimes hesitant to recommend CBD for treating animals because of the lack of study in their field of expertise and lack of clinical trials. Animals, including cats, however, have been receiving CBD oil for many years. Still, the argument remains that the FDA does not yet approve CBD for use in cats and animals in general.

Veterinarians often agree that they’d rather use products that they are used to and know have been studied for a long time.

So, the issue is that there is no agreement from veterinarians. They are hesitant to recommend a product that hasn’t been specifically regulated by the FDA. On the other hand, many do recommend CBD oil for cats and there is no record of a cat ever being harmed by using CBD oil.

The only adverse reaction, across the board, for CBD usage, is that when anyone, pet or animal, takes too much at one time the results will be diarrhea and a headache, sometimes stomach pains.

Sadly, this is a reaction to the oil, not the CBD. CBD is often suspended in olive oil or coconut oil for delivery to the body. When using specific products, made for cats, it will be easy to ensure you are giving a proper dose. Look to highly recommended sources, such as InnovetPet to find safe products. They are a reputable company with excellent customer reviews.

Don’t trust any company indiscriminately without checking their references, reviews and product reviews.

Also, please, be aware that cannabis should not be given to cats. The plants and the THC in them may be very toxic to animals. This is why you need to shop at a website that specializes in products for pets, made from hemp, a part of the cannabis family of plants.

Is Legal CBD Available?

Since the Farm Bill of 2018 was signed, the industry was greenlighted to sell CBD oils and products made from hemp, provided that the oils contain less than .03% THC. This is a tiny trace of THC, but still should not be given to dogs or cats. You’ll want an oil that is CBD only. You can purchase this oil for sale online and in shops in all fifty US states now.

Some veterinarians may not yet be on board but they likely will start getting training and learn more about CBD and cannabis for animals very soon. In California, the state legislature is about to begin debating a bill on medical cannabis for treating animals. This will help get the discussions started and then the research will undoubtedly follow.

Talking to your veterinarian should be possible, but not all of them will have an open mind to using CBD, even though it has far fewer side-effects than most of the prescribed medications and treatments that they would prefer for you to use. This is only because these are the things they are used to. If you have an open-minded veterinarian, have the conversations. Talk about products that are on the market and find out if they are willing to treat your pet more holistically, rather than with chemicals and drugs.

It certainly helps when you feel you can work with your veterinarian. Your pet’s health is essential to you, and there is no reason why they should not also be able to enjoy the therapeutic impacts of using CBD oil to help with their pain.

Cats are a bit pickier than dogs, and the oil is relatively easy to get in them by using a syringe orally. Some cats will readily lick it off their paws, or you can purchase some of the fantastic treats from InnovetPet and see what your cat enjoys without a fight.

What Can CBD Do for Cats?

What Can CBD Oil Do For Cats

First of all, the one thing it will not do for your cat is give them a high. THC is responsible for that effect. CBD has no such impact on the brain at all. There is a multitude of things that CBD can do, however. Let us take a look at a few things:

1. Reduce pain and swelling 

If your cat has joint issues as a result of natural aging or from an injury, CBD can help to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation.

2. Fight anxiety

Yes, even cats have anxiety. It may be due to a recent move, rehoming, a new cat in the house, etc. Anything out of the normal routine may have your cat fighting some anxiety and CBD can reduce this drastically.

3. Reduce seizure activity

Cats, like humans, can have seizures and CBD has been known to reduce the number of seizures and their severity.

4. Healthy skin and coat

The oil is full of rich omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. It will give them a gorgeous coat of fur.

5. Helps with gastrointestinal issues

Reduces inflammation of the stomach and intestines to bring homeostasis back to the bowels.

6. Anticancer agent

The rich level of antioxidants helps to boost the immune system and relieve the pain of treatment and cancer itself. There is also some data that suggests CBD may be able to reduce tumor size.

7. Relieve chronic upper respiratory infections and asthma

Cats are prone to respiratory issues and asthma. Sometimes their cat litter can be a contributor. Using CBD for these helps to reduce the inflammation of the bronchial tubes, enabling them to breathe easier.

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