CBD has become the first ever outside agent that can regulate Id-1 in breast cancer cells, thus stopping metastasis.

The final stage of breast cancer is the worst one. By the time breast cancer has metastasized and spread even further throughout the body, the end is in sight- and it’s incredibly painful. A new therapy that incorporates CBD has demonstrated hopeful and positive results when it comes to reversing the invasiveness of breast cancer that is in the final stages.

A recent study that was partly funded by the National Institutes of Health allowed molecular biologists at the California Pacific Medical Center to carry out a range of tests on human breast cancer cells, which demonstrated how CBD could inhibit and even stop the progression of the disease entirely, even in its very last stages.

This is incredibly positive news that will bring hope to those who have breast cancer. In spite of a massive amount of public support and massive charitable donations, breast cancer is still a terrifying killer.

The average woman in America has a 12% chance of developing breast cancer during her lifetime, which is more than any form of cancer aside from skin cancer. The main reason that breast cancer is so deadly is that it is usually incurable by the time it has metastasized and spread to other parts of the body. The final stages of cancer are the least understood from a medical perspective, which makes it incredibly difficult to treat. The new CBD findings could now give scientists a new avenue of inquiry to follow.

In the past, medical researchers found out that a specific protein- Id-1 was responsible for most of the progressive and invasive behavior of breast cancer when it reached its final stages. Through performing experiments on mice, they discovered that by downregulating the specific protein, cancer becomes much less aggressive and indicated that by stopping Id-1 from functioning, metastasis could indeed be prevented.

Sadly, there was one major problem. During the study they performed on the mice, scientists used a particular kind of gene therapy known as antisense to de-activate the Id-1 protein, but unfortunately, it is not possible to use the same type of treatment on humans. The researchers required a different kind of agent that was capable of producing identical results but was also safe to use on humans.

Fortunately, CBD came into the limelight. And due to its low-toxic components, it became the perfect outside agent that would replicate the positive results demonstrated by antisense, without harming already weakened immune systems.

In an incredible and important breakthrough, the new study revealed that CBD is the first outside agent discovered by researchers, that can regulate Id-1 in human breast cancer cells. This news will now lay the foundations for new and exciting therapies to be developed to treat cancer patients, even if they are in the final stages of the illness.

Source: RXleaf