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Suggested CBD Hemp Oil for Pain

According to a 2009 study published by the National Institute for Drug Abuse and the National Institutes of Health, cannabidiol (CBD) may help reduce chronic pain. They concluded that CBD and “significantly suppress chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain without causing apparent analgesic tolerance.” That’s not mincing words when it comes to exploring CBD hemp oil for pain.

As the regulations allow for the study of medicinal marijuana, social acceptance will increase. Perhaps because more and more people are relying on cannabis for therapeutic purposes, the word is spreading above its effectiveness. It’s getting harder for people to deny how successfully weed can treat cancer pain, chronic inflammation, and other serious neuropathic pain issues. It only takes one friend self-treating cancer pain with strong doses of cannabis to change your mind. The change they experience is miraculous to see.

One of the primary reasons why it’s more acceptable to turn to cannabis for medicinal purposes is because there are now many non-psychoactive products on the market. By far the most popular is the cannabinoid called CBD. Compared to other lesser known cannabinoids, there is also significant research backing CBD hemp oil for pain.

Cannabidiol is the lesser known sister to THC. It comes with many of the same benefits but without the mind-altering “high.” This is the characteristic that is making medical professionals and doctors alike go through a massive paradigm shift. If it doesn’t make you stoned, can it still be considered a drug?

How Does CBD Hemp Oil for Pain Work?

Cannabidiol works to effect pain through a variety of pathways. As with much of the current research into THC, the research on CBD and pain is still in the early stages. Despite the preliminary stage, the evidence has so far pointed in a very positive direction. Scientists are examining CBD for treatment of inflammatory pain, neuropathic pain, and cancer caused pain. There is also specific attention paid to the use of cannabinoids in drug-resistant pain

Why Are People Using CBD For pain?

Beyond the scientific evidence, why are regular people suggesting turning to CBD hemp oil for pain? If you ask people now, they likely won’t shout out that it’s cheaper, or easier to find. In fact, the reasons why people are turning towards CBD for pain are more nuanced than you’d expect.

Non-Addictive Tendencies

The main issue of most prescription painkillers is their high risk of abuse. In fact, this so-called side effect has reached crisis levels in many places around the U.S. People prescribed an opioid to treat chronic pain easily become addicted. Eventually, they resort to finding street-level drugs at a higher potency.

All of the research thus far indicates that CBD is non-addictive. There is an ongoing debate about whether or not THC can become psychologically addictive, but there is no debate on CBD. In fact, when people are prescribed CBD alongside certain strong painkillers they often avoid any opioid addiction at all.

The Entourage Effect

An interesting aspect in many of the current human trials examining CBD and pain is that CBD functions in a synergetic effect with THC. Others call this the Entourage Effect. In essence, it means that each cannabinoid works better together than a sum of their parts.

According to one of the very

initial human trials comparing patient experiences with different cannabinoids and pain, patients experienced the best results with a THC : CBD ratio. Noted in tests of Sativex, the ratio is confirmed by other research as well. Sativex is a branded pharmaceutical using both CBD and THC. Even when given the option of straight CBD or straight THC therapy, the mixture is almost always preferred by the patient.

Patients Simply Prefer It

Again and again, in clinical trials patients prefer using CBD, or THC : CBD mixture above other options. Most interestingly, in another study on cancer pain, some patients requested to continue using the cannabinoid after the trial completed. They chose the CBD hemp oil for pain even above the non-cannabis pharmaceuticals they had been using before the study.

Another extremely revealing study concluded through the use of urine tests, that cannabis users were less likely to use their traditional pain prescriptions than non-users. In other words, if they smoked weed they stopped relying on stronger pain meds. We can assume from this study that people stopped taking their medications because cannabis relieved their pain with better results.

Many study participants also describe their preference for CBD based on its lack of psychoactivity. According to participant experiences, they prefer the relaxation of CBD to the potential paranoia and anxiety triggered by THC.

Suggested CBD Hemp Oil for Pain

After reviewing the information presented above about CBD, you might be asking yourself what CBD should you use for pain? Is there a difference between strains and potency like you look for with marijuana? The basic characteristics to look for in CBD are pure, organic and higher concentrations.

Always source the best quality product you can find, whether that means cannabis-derived or hemp derived CBD oil. The brand should be reputable and provide information on dosage. There should also be information on potency and lab testing should be readily available.

Beyond this basic advice, scientists are still researching if CBD may treat different types of pain better then others. The researchers from one of the studies mentioned earlier concluded that “The lack of effect of CBD by itself may just reflect either the narrow range of pain problems studied and/or the need for a substantially higher dose of CBD.” Compared to conclusions from other studies, one is lead to believe inflammatory pain might be better treated with CBD than neuropathic.

A final suggestion on how to use CBD oil for pain is to start with a low dose daily. For chronic pain, some suggestions begin as low as 2.5 mg a day. As you gain experience, increase the dosage as needed until you experience relief. It could take a week or two to get the dosage right, but small incremental steps are crucial.

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  1. Kelly Henderson says:

    Is it legal is all 50 states?? My sister was arrested and charged with twonfelonys for selling it for a MLM company. An undercover came to her from her Facebook ads and bought one bottle face to face and now we are dealing with major lawyer cost? And bail money!!! This is in NC. Any ideas I can help her out with!!

  2. Rick says:

    Please Please i am in a lot of pain If I cant Get Some Help I do not want to Live Please Help Me

  3. Martha Simons says:

    I’m using the cbd oil for my knee pain and my condition got improved lately. It seems that the cbd oil could be the replacement for painkillers

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