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CBD Cigarettes To Be Sold In Switzerland Now Available

For 19.90 Swiss Francs (20$) you will soon be able to purchase CBD cigarettes at every Coop!

Read on to learn more…

Coop, one of the biggest retailers in Switzerland, announced this week that they are to sell CBD cigarettes. They will be on sale from July 24th 2017 and will cost 19.90 CHF for a pack of 20. The cigarettes are produced by Swiss tobacco company Heimat.

According to Roger Koch, Heimat’s owner, the CBD cigarettes are the first of their kind. Every pack contains 4 grams of CBD (0.20 grams per cigarette), mixed with tobacco.

The cigarettes will be available at most Coop affiliates. They will be on sale to everyone who’s 18 or older. The Coop chain has a smart approach when it comes to Cannabis related products. They already sell hemp ice-tea, hemp beer, hemp oil and a bio hemp-spread.


In Switzerland, every cannabis product that contains less than 1% THC is legal. This has led to a huge boom in CBD products, including 99.9% crystals, low-THC/high-CBD weed, and now CBD cigarettes.

Social support for cannabis in Switzerland is relatively high. Recently, the club Legalize It launched an initiative to make cannabis legal. The government is currently checking their initiative. Once approved, Legalize It has 18 months to collect 100,000 signatures to have it recognized. (Make sure you support them!)

Personal Opinion

This is another example how cannabis is treated differently in other countries. Most stoners in America would call you fu**ing crazy if you launched a product like this. Mixing CBD with tobacco? It’s beyond defensible if you ask us. Why would anyone mix medical cannabis with tobacco? How can you possibly benefit from that?

The fact is, though, that most stoners in Europe consume their cannabis by mixing it with tobacco. So it would come as no surprise if this product became the next hype in the Swiss Cannabis Market. But will we buy it? I very much doubt it 😀

4 responses to “CBD Cigarettes To Be Sold In Switzerland Now Available”

  1. Flore45 says:

    Mooom, I’m moving…

  2. BackWoodz says:

    Great Job Switzerland! Now if we can only get the rest of the world on-board.

  3. Jeff says:

    Just wanted to say that Switzerland are heavy cigarette users and they like smoking a lot, but saying that Europeans like to mix weed with tabacco is false, maybe in Switzerland yea, but where I come from, there are nobody who mixes weed with tabacco

    • Seshata says:

      Where do you come from? I can’t think of a single European country I’ve visited where smoking pure is more common than smoking with tobacco.

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