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Cardi B: Rappers Who Drink Lean, Smoke Weed & “Wanna Die” Ruined the Club Experience


Cardi B, a formidable voice in the music industry, believes that her unique style is missing from the contemporary club scene. The rapper shared her thoughts during a recent Instagram Live session, quickly gaining online traction.

Cardi B’s Critique of Current Rap Music in Clubs

Cardi B took a stand against the type of music produced by fellow rappers, arguing that it’s not what the audience truly desires. She associated this shift in music preference with excessive drug consumption by these artists, particularly focusing on substances like lean and weed.

“Club Scene is Missing Me and My Music”: Cardi B’s Bold Claim

Asserting her influence on the club atmosphere, Cardi B said, “I know what nas is missing in the club, me. They missing me, they missing my music.” She pointed out the repetitive demands from Twitter users for more ‘rap’, ‘bars’, and certain themes in music. Her counter-argument? “I want to make music to turn the f up.”

Club Music Redundancy: Cardi B’s Perspective

She continued to express her dissatisfaction with the current music trend, saying, “I feel like we keep hearing the same song over and over and over again.”

Rappers, Drugs, and Their Music: Cardi B’s Concerns

Expressing her concern over the prevailing trend among rappers, Cardi B stated, “These rappers nowadays, all of them wanna die.” She highlighted the excessive usage of drugs like lean and weed as the root cause of this issue.

She continued, “They get money and they start buying too much mfin’ weed, and too much lean and they make that slow st. The club needs me. The strippers need me. The h* need me. The mfin’ get money n***as need me.”

Cardi B’s conclusion was simple; expressing her desire to bring energy and enjoyment back to the club scene, she stated, “I wanna shake my ass.”


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