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This Cannabis Infused Capsule Keeps Men High And Hard

We’re working in the cannabis industry for almost four years now. The innovation you come across in this market is pretty insane. So many cool products are being launched that it’s hard to keep up. Cannamojo is one great example of many.

Slogan CannaMojo

Cannamojo is the world’s first THC-infused male sexual enhancement capsule. Cannamojo is mixing THC with a herbal blend called HardMojo, that has been used successfully by more than 4 million customers. Simply put, Cannamojo targets those that want to get high and hard.

This revolutionary cannabis product comes in capsule form and blends 10 MGs of distilled THC with an all-natural, proprietary blend. It is a cannabis-infused capsule which is designed to enhance male sexual experiences.

Founder & CEO Edward Naylon states that,

CannaMojo isn’t a cure for Erectile Dysfunction. It’s a party pill designed to turn the average player into an All-Star.

A single CannaMojo capsule increases longevity & rigidity by increasing blood flow to the phallic region. Scientifically proven natural aphrodisiacs like Maca & Ginseng are CannaMojo’s core.  If you combine these natural ingredients with  10 MGs of THC you will be able to enhance arousal and create a mind-blowing experience by releasing dopamine to receptors.

We invented CannaMojo because we saw a void in the industry. From Foria to Whoopi & Maya, there are plenty of feminine-centric options available at dispensaries. But we couldn’t think of any male-focused brands–so CannaMojo was born,

said marketing Director Barry Bard.

The product affects consumers within 30-40 minutes. It’s being said that consumers notice an increase in sexual appetite. CannaMojo promises that you’ll enjoy intense-intimacy for hours. The best part, one pill can have lasting trace-effects for multiple days.

Every man wants the Mojo. Cannabis and sex are a match made in heaven. Why shouldn’t men have the same options women have?,

said Naylon.

Currently, CannaMojo is only available in the United States, you can check out vendors here.

7 responses to “This Cannabis Infused Capsule Keeps Men High And Hard”

  1. Daniel says:

    Where to get sime of those pills… Shoot samples to convince me to see if its worth. Just so many things poping out with this weed being leagle.

  2. Cele says:

    Im interested in a sample would like to know if it works mojo gojo please

  3. John Montgomery says:

    Interested in this product where can I place an order for them?

  4. Jason says:

    Oh yes please that sounds awesome! Love to buy some.

  5. JOHN PITTMAN says:

    There’s always a market for I.D. AND there’s always a remedy. What makes this product any different then the last, “BUST”

  6. Robbin Washington says:

    I’m very interested do you have any samples

  7. Ian says:

    Were can I get them

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