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Lowering Your Cannabis Tolerance – How To Get A Better High In 6 Easy Steps

Regular cannabis users may look back fondly on the first time they got high and wish they could relive that experience all over again – effects hit them instantly, and they only needed to smoke a little bit to be high for hours upon hours. While everyone’s first time is a little bit different, this story tends to be the same for many, and that initial high experience is something that’s rather elusive after you’ve been consuming cannabis for a while.

However, there is hope when it comes to being able to have an intense high without needing to consume massive amounts of weed. The process of lowering your cannabis tolerance is relatively straightforward and can help you to enjoy getting high again with less product.

Different Ways To Lower Your Cannabis Tolerance

Let’s take a more in-depth look at how you can alter your weed tolerance and why exactly it matters, to begin with.

Setting A Limit

Cannabis Tolerance - Setting A Limit

Cannabis affects everyone just a little bit differently, and while THC and other various compounds all tend to react with the receptors in our brain in roughly the same ways, just how high you get will vary. Some factors go into your experience aside from how potent your flower is, and things like body mass index, gender, and the frequency of use can all make a huge difference.

It’s not uncommon for brand new smokers to have unique experiences during their first time out, but after frequent use over an extended period, many note that it requires more and more cannabis to reach the same level of high. This is because as our bodies get used to THC, the receptors in our brain that interact with cannabis almost begin to have a stronger resistance and need more stimulation to reach the same level of activity. When this becomes the case, your cannabis tolerance has increased.

Taking A Break

Cannabis Tolerance Taking A Break

One of the most obvious ways to lower your tolerance is to abstain from using cannabis for some time. Depending on how often you smoke, this may be an easy task, but for individuals who use weed multiple times per day, every day, it might sound like one’s worst nightmare. How long is long enough to lower your weed tolerance?

Cannabis stays in your system longer than you’d think, but again, depending on your consumption, the time it takes to rid your body of it will vary completely. In general, regular users should wait anywhere from two to four weeks to lower their cannabis tolerance effectively. That means completely abstaining during that time – no edibles, dabbing, or vaping allowed!

Get Moving

Cannabis Tolerance - Go For A Run

Oddly enough, going for a run might help to lower your weed tolerance if you’re trying to take a cannabis break. A study published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that exercising activates your cannabinoid receptors, contributing to the “runner’s high” that many feel after a good sweat session.

While you may not have to hit the gym super hard every day, try going for a jog on the days when you don’t smoke as a way to help with your cannabis tolerance. You’ll likely experience some of the same positive effects that you feel just after having a good toke.

Timing Is Everything

Cannabis Tolerance - Timing

If you’re a person who loves a good wake and bake smoke, you might find that your cannabis tolerance increases faster than the average person. That’s because when you smoke within the first ten minutes of waking up, your brain creates a stronger sensation of a high. Essentially you’re putting cannabis into an empty body, thus causing your experience to be that much stronger.

When trying to lower your weed tolerance, consider smoking after meals, or at the very least, refrain from your usual wake and bake sessions. Like many things in life, it might be difficult at first, but after several weeks you’ll begin to see the results you’re after.

Change It Up

Cannabis Tolerance - Try Different Strains

It’s common sense that to get an incredible high, you’d want to select cannabis that has a high THC percentage. While this may be true, smoking the same stuff won’t help you to lower your weed tolerance in the slightest. If taking a break from indulging sounds horrible and running isn’t quite your thing, consider experimenting with different types of strains.

You may want to opt for some that are lower in THC, effectively helping you to reduce your dependency, or even incorporating CBD strains into the mix. Some of them feature a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, which makes it easy to still get high and enjoy medicinal relief while working toward reducing your cannabis tolerance at the same time.

Quantity Matters

Cannabis Tolerance -Quantity

Lowering your tolerance doesn’t mean you have to go without smoking weed, and it doesn’t even mean that you have to skip indulging several times per day either. However, one option to consider would be to use less product per session. While it might be a little outside of your normal routine, having less cannabis in your system will work to lower your tolerance over time naturally.

Many people also love microdosing, a popular consumption method that includes using very small amounts of cannabis, often in the form of edibles. This allows users to experience all of the benefits from THC, including mood-boosting properties and pain relief, without having much of a high. Giving up your weed can be difficult, but microdosing is a compromise that most people find works well if they are lowering their cannabis tolerance.

Ultimately your methods are up to you, and you might find that some of these tips work better than others. When the goal is to reduce your weed tolerance, you can certainly get creative with your plan of action and might not even have to go without cannabis for very long. A little bit of perseverance up front will pay off handsomely in the long run, as you’ll be able to experience a fantastic high with ease once again.

4 responses to “Lowering Your Cannabis Tolerance – How To Get A Better High In 6 Easy Steps”

  1. Ingo Braches says:

    I’m glad i found this article because even discussing this theme (Cannabis) is still difficult here (…i live in Germany). Politicians promise to ‘legalize it’ as long as they need to be elected, but when they’re voted, it’s all forgotten. Allowed are just commercial used medical cannabis plants with low THC, and only for ‘medical’ use. Homegrowing and to deal with it are still being judged and you may go to prison for it. Media only follow the government’s opinions and so do most people and you’re being mobbed by ‘society’ if you out yourself as C.-Smoker. So, thanks for your work in the USA and let’s hope some day THE LAWS MUST CHANGE.

  2. That was very helpful to me…Thanks

  3. I agree with what you said about abstaining for a while. I used to smoke everyday starting with a Wake & Bake. Then I noticed it was taking me so much longer to get zStoned & I couldn’t get as High as in the beginning of when I took up smoking. Due to circumstances in my life due to health I had to stop smoking even though I longed for it. Now things have changed again. I have started smoking every few months going for at least a couple of months without any cannabis. Now I do get my Great High when I start smoking again but just for 3 or 4 days then I stop again for a couple of months. I feel great when I do Smoke & don’t find it hard to stop. Due to circumstances this is the way I’ve got to live as I’m in a nursing home for older people so can’t really smoke here but when I do it’s like starting up as in the beginning. I Love it. Doesn’t take to long to get my tolerance up again so this way is the best for me.

  4. I am going to try GUMMIES see how that goes.

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