Cannabis Makes You A Happier and Generally Better Person

August 3, 2017
Cannabis Makes You A Happier and Generally Better Person


A new study released by BDS Analytics, a cannabis analytics and market share tracking business claims that cannabis consumers are happier and generally better people.

This isn’t news to you, right?

Reaching Out to Study Cannabis Attitudes

The study reached out to 1,000 Californians and 1,001 Californians and collected a number of points of data, including demographic and lifestyle information.

Researchers were certain to limit their reach to adults over the age of 21 while being accurate in their sampling, questioning people of many ages, races and economics.

A question attempted to determine attitudes on cannabis separated people in terms of “consumers”, those who used cannabis; “acceptors”, those who would consider using cannabis; and “rejecters”, who had no intentions of cannabis use.

Findings About Cannabis Consumers

Here’s what the study uncovered about cannabis consumers over cannabis acceptors and rejecters:

Employment rates and annual reported household income were higher in both states

They are more likely to be involved in outdoor activities

They describe themselves as nurturers

To the researchers, these measures deem one to be happy and a generally better person.

The Role in the Research Discourse

Kindland who reported on the study remind the readers that while the research conclusions brought forth by this study seem positive, political issues around marijuana should be remembered.

For instance, people of color are more likely to be criminally persecuted for marijuana, which is a symptom of a broken system.

Nonetheless, this study is important in the constant work to change stigma towards cannabis users, helping to move them away from the stereotype of being lazy, unmotivated and unsuccessful.

But again, you already knew all this, right?



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