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Cannabis-Infused Vodka

Cannabis-infused vodka! For when it’s time to get drunk, stoner style!

The boom in marijuana has inspired a billion new products. Edible, smokable, and now – drinkable!

Read on to find out more about how it’s made – and why!

Cannabis-Infused Vodka

The Humboldt Distillery, in Fortuna CA, has a new brand of vodka. “Humboldt’s Finest”! Abe Stevens, the owner, has been making his vodka for over 2 years now. And – yeah! – it’s exactly what it says on the label: vodka infused with cannabis.

Vodka Weed

A lot of customers had been requesting this specific “flavor” of vodka. But Abe had to mix it up a bit. It wouldn’t have been legal for Abe to just slice some weed into his vodka. What he did instead was experiment with legally grown hemp.

After some testing, Abe perfected the recipe that’s now one of his signature products. It embodies the sweet taste of cannabis while leaving out the psychoactive effects of its main cannabinoid – THC.

The U.S. Farm Bill defines industrial hemp as a plant containing less than 0.3% THC. Abe gets the hemp needed for his special vodka from hemp farms in Humboldt County. The hemp he uses comes from the first farms to cultivate it after the removal of its prohibition back in 2014.

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Humboldt’s Finest doesn’t have the THC you’d find in marijuana. So it’s not going to get anyone into any trouble with the law. It does, however, retain an aromatic herbal quality reminiscent of fresh cannabis. And it works very well in place of gin, giving classic cocktails a fresh new spin.

The vodka is 80-proof and costs $29.99 per bottle. You can buy it from Abe’s distillery in Fortuna and a variety of liquor stores in Colorado.

Abe’s vodka is testament to how far the cannabis industry has come. Plus, it adds a little bit of healthy to alcohol. The hemp that’s added contains cannabinoids with countless healthy qualities. They’re rich in the omega fatty acids and antioxidants your body craves.

And hey! If you get a hangover, there’s always a dispensary nearby. After all, it is Colorado!

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