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Cannabis Grow Kit For Beginners

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own weed, you’ve probably started a list of all the things you’ll have to buy. It’s easy to find a cannabis grow kit for beginners that includes everything needed to grow cannabis indoors. These kits offer a convenient way to get a few plants going and decide if it’s something you want to do long-term. However, usually a cannabis grow kit will include pre-selected materials, seeds, and brands.

This is less than ideal if you already have one or two items in the kit, if you want to select your own seeds, or if you just want the flexibility of doing your own research and choosing each product yourself. Every grower develops their own preferences through trial and error, so this initial research is great for learning about the process.

If you’re ready to create your own cannabis grow kit, here’s a list of everything you’ll need to get started with indoor growing. Before you start to grow, be sure to check out our post on common growing mistakes to avoid.


One of the most important choices you’ll make when growing cannabis is the seeds used to grow your plants. Without quality seeds, you’re not going to end up with a quality plant. Check these details when selecting seeds to plant:

Color: The healthiest seeds are dark brown teardrops with darker splotches or stripes. Pale or light green seeds should not be used.

Size: Indica seeds are generally larger than sativa seeds, so if you’re looking for a certain species this is a good indicator.

Hardness: The harder the seeds, the better. Avoid shattered or soft pieces.


source: Aurora Innovations

Soil plays a huge role in plant development. Many growers make their own soil blends to ensure it’s filled with all the nutrients they desire. For a beginner grow kit, it’s easier to simply go with a high-quality organic soil from a gardening store. Opt for an organic soil with natural ingredients like fishmeal and worm castings. The better the soil from the beginning, the less you’ll find yourself looking to fertilizers for help later. Popular growing soil brands include FoxFarm, Royal Gold, and Roots Organic.


Naturally, every indoor growing operation needs a good lighting system to replace the power of the sun. You’re not going to grow a hardy crop with a 90W incandescent bulb, no matter how good of seeds you’ve planted. Too weak or too little lighting will reduce the yield of your plants, therefore many growers have one or two plants per light to allow room for growth.

Lighting choice boils down to the space you’re using to grow, how many plants you have, and your personal preferences. Fluorescent lights are cheap, easy on the eyes, require minimal amounts of electricity and come in various sizes and shapes. CFL bulbs are great for growing in small spaces, like a closet or cabinet. T5 lighting panels are readily available at most home improvement stores and are also popular for grow tents.

Grow Tent

source: Bradford Hydroponics

Grow tents are the easiest, most efficient way to maintain full control of the plant’s environment. A good tent keeps your plants confined to a small, well-contained area where you can control the climate, lighting, and humidity. This is helpful if you’re growing in your home and don’t want to worry about overexposing the plants to light or sacrifice the climate by leaving a window open. This is also an easy way to protect your plants from your pets.


source: hydrobuilder

Air temperature, quality, and circulation are all essential for a successful grow operation. For the average beginner tent, a 10-inch exhaust fan and ducts will work great for pulling in fresh air and pulling out stale air through consistent circulation.


source: Get Up & Grow

Stay discreet with a charcoal carbon filter, the most common way to keep the air clean and the smell contained. If you don’t want your neighbors finding your plants, be sure to change the filters regularly to ensure they’re operating at maximum efficiency. If your filter is on its last leg and you desperately need to hide some smell, keep an ionizer on hand and you’ll never have to worry.

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