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Cannabis for Dogs: What Are the Benefits?

It’s been a big few years for marijuana as medicine. Not only is cannabis legal in more places than ever before, but it’s also increasingly recognized as a legitimate alternative therapy. Yes, people have been using weed for years to heal what ails them, but now doctors and medical researchers are backing it up with science. Not surprisingly, the next frontier is cannabis for pets. There is now a massive market for cannabis for dogs, cats, and other animals.

What Is the Hype All About?

We all love our dogs, more than we might even love some of our friends. They are with us every day, with unshakeable love and constant entertainment. People’s passion for their canine friends is limitless. Between dog people, the only acceptable topic of a conversation is often their dogs. Because of this popular topic of discussion, lots of dog owners have heard about CBD for dogs.

Every day, owners are always striving to find a better, more effective, and all-natural alternatives to conventional products on the market. We all know the garbage they put into most dog food bags, which is why many people now feed their animals pricey, whole food based lines of food. The next frontier is all-natural medicines.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, as its more commonly known, represents that next frontier. Unlike any other medicine before it, its making waves among dog owners. Even when other medications have failed, CBD often sees improvements in the quality of a dog’s life.

As dog owners meet other owners for gossip at the dog park, the word has spread about CBD for dogs. Now, even veterinarians are getting involved. Cannabis for dogs is no longer considered a fringe treatment option. Its worked for thousands of dogs already, and it’s likely to continue demonstrating positive results.

The Basics of CBD for Dogs

First things first, let’s clear up the confusion about some terminology. The cannabis industry remains highly unregulated. The language and labeling vary significantly from one product to another. One company might talk about cannabis for dogs, while another might call it CBD for dogs. But is there a difference?

Before giving your dog a big handful of cannabis, its crucial to identify what is and isn’t safe for your best friend to take.

  • THC is NOT safe for dogs
  • CBD is entirely safe for dogs.

Although both CBD and THC are cannabinoids sourced from the same plant, THC can be toxic at higher levels. Cannabis pet products should never contain any measurable levels of THC. Their labels should indicate they only contain CBD. This is one of the main reasons why finding high-quality products are so critical to treating your pet with CBD.

The bottom line is that cannabidiol-only products are totally safe and non-psychoactive. These characteristics make them suitable for use with pets.

What Are the Benefits of CBD for Dogs?

The current body of CBD research is entirely focused on CBD’s benefit for humans. Most of the studies remain in the preliminary phases, using laboratory and animal models to produce their results.
The reason why many of the known benefits of CBD crossover between lab rats, humans and dogs is because we all have an endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids like CBD, inhibit or stimulate the endocannabinoid system in powerful ways. This activation provides a seemingly unending number of health benefits.

Here is where CBD for dogs may come in handy:


Did you know that cannabis has been used to reduce the frequency of seizures since as far back as 1881? Cannabidiol especially is more popular than ever before, because of its effectiveness in treating children with drug-resistant forms of epilepsy. Dog owners have reported similar benefits for their epileptic pets.

Stress and Anxiety

Many dogs have anxiety issues, it’s one of the most common behavior problems owners must manage. Cannabidiol is backed by a ton of research into its use as an anti-anxiety medication in humans. With daily supplementation, it brings down a constant sense of anxiety and promotes a sense of relaxation. Dogs benefit from this as well, it’s like a thunder jacket, but as an all natural supplement.


You may have noticed, with old age, dogs often lose their appetite. It’s one of the first indications that they are on a slow decline. But CBD is already in use as an effective treatment for people’s appetite, specifically associated with chemotherapy treatments. In online forums, there are perhaps hundreds of personal stories about CBD”s ability to turn around a dogs loss in appetite.


Former strays often carry with them the trauma of their past. Many bad habits are actually leftovers from a bad owner. Using CBD for trauma in pets may prove just as effective as CBD for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in humans.


One of the predominant areas of study around CBD’s health benefits is in the area of cancer treatment. Dogs, just like people, often suffer from cancerous growths. This too often leads to euthanasia. But in laboratory studies, CBD shows positive results for preventing the growth of cancer cells, for preventing migration of the cells, and for inducing cancer cell death.

Chronic Pain

Watching your older dog limp around the park, restricted by joint pain, is hard. Dogs and humans alike suffer from joint and muscle pain in old age. Cannabidiol is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, effective for reducing pain and increasing mobility caused by arthritis.

Whether for human use or pet use, CBD is turning medicine on its head these days. Conventional medications, even for dogs, are costly and often harmful. Using cannabis is a safe, alternative therapy, keeping both dogs and their owners happy and healthy long into old age.

If you are interested in buying CBD products for your dog, check out our article about the best CBD dog treats.

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  1. Dion Gibbs BSc Esq. says:

    False, THC is not safe for dogs only if you have no knowledge of mg per kg dosage. I have used 40% THC Oil for my dog who died of aggressive Lymphoma Cancer, if I had ability to hook up a drip, I certainly would have. She fought the lethal injection to her heart until it killed her, I will never Euthanise again. As a Scientist I know the safe dosages, Dogs have more Cannabinoid Receptors than us in the brain making it easier t to over dose, cats can tolerate THC better than dogs, but it is safe, my surviving dog uses it for Distemper related Seizures and to further compliment Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroiton, Tumeric, Omega 3 and 6 Combo tablets for his Arthritis in the back legs and only 4 years old.

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