Many of you reading this article will remember Rick Simpson, the Canadian engineer trying to tell the world about the cannabis extract that he developed and used to cure himself of cancer.

Rick incorrectly assumed that everyone would want to know about his miraculous and natural cure for a variety of cancers, but sadly he came across a lot of criticism, disbelief and various hurdles. This is especially true of the times he tried to get THC oil approved through the court system and was met with excuses that clarified one thing to him:  The multi-million dollar cancer industry is not looking for a cure to emerge.

Rick began growing hemp on his land, and from this day on he would make his own cannabis oil and share it amongst those who needed it for free. This came after he successfully treated his skin cancer and the intense symptoms of a head injury that he was experiencing through using the miracle oil.  All of his neighbors were successfully cured of a range of diseases, including lung cancer. And all of his neighbors had also been failed by the system and mainstream cancer treatments.

Rick moved away from Canada and sought exile in Europe and he now tours the world telling everyone who will listen of his healing experience using cannabis. He has made a full-length documentary on the subject, which you can see here:

Cannabis Research From 1974 Mysteriously Vanishes

Back in 1974, the National Institute of Health funded a questionable study that was carried out by the Medical College of Virginia. The whole idea of the study was for the researchers to be able to prove that cannabis not only weakens the immune system but also destroys healthy brain cells. This was all part of the DEA’s plan to initiate a strict war on drugs and research ammunition like this would allow them to justify putting weed smokers in jail and leave them to rot there whilst carrying out their sentences.

Very unfortunately for them, the research team discovered incredibly interesting results when they looked at the effects of cannabis on lab rats and it was the complete opposite of what the Nixon administration and the DEA wanted. The study revealed that it was actually only cancerous cells that were being destroyed by the natural cannabis tincture, not healthy ones. Furthermore, the subject’s immune systems were all enhanced, instead of being weakened.

Needless to say, the funding was stopped in its tracks by the DEA and all of the research documents vanishes from the face of the earth.  In the following years, all further research on cannabis and its therapeutic effects were halted, except for the attempts of Big Pharma companies attempting to create synthetic cannabis extracts.  Then, in 1983, any college research centers who held copies of the Virginia research documents were encouraged to destroy them by the Reagan administration to destroy them.

The same medical college based in Virginia applied for research grants that would enable further investigation into the healing potentials of cannabis-based products in 1996 and 2006 and not surprisingly, both were denied.

Since then, in the year 2000, researchers in Madrid produced breakthrough results after studying the efficacy of cannabis with regards to reducing brain tumors in rats. The same study also concluded that THC produced no harmful effects on the normal brain tissue found in the subjects. Yet, all of this research was conveniently ignored by the mainstream media.

And to this day, there are currently two major hospitals in Israel that continue to carry out successful medical trials on humans using cannabis to treat a range of illnesses- but you won’t find this anywhere on the news- why? Because the research is being funded by the Israeli government.

Despite the fact that thousands of people across the world can testify that cannabis treats cancer efficiently and safely, we still witness a complete lack of exposure in the mainstream media. To many cancer patients, researchers and doctors, it is a sign of just how far Big Pharma is willing to go to cover up the real truth- cannabis is a lot safer and more effective than traditional oncological treatments and it only kills cancerous cells, not healthy ones. And by the time the world wakes up to the harsh reality that chemotherapy can be replaced by this entirely natural and harmless product, for many people it will be too late.