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Canna Bump - Snort Weed

Canna Bumps – This Brand Wants You To Snort Your Weed

Damn, 2021 is wild…

We just published an article about the FDA banning flavored blunts (RIP Backwoods), and now we came across this product. If you’re bored with the regular cannabis consumption methods, this product might be something for you 😉

Let’s take a look at the product description:

Canna Bumps

Canna Bumps 600 mg THC Box

Have some fun with your cannabis with our unique cannabis concentrate. Canna Bumps are just what they sound like – cannabis concentrate designed to be consumed through the nose ingested directly or added to your favorite food. Canna Bumps are designed to allow THC molecules to transfer directly into blood circulation through the nasal cavity, bypassing the liver and digestive system for immediate effect with a pleasant drip and no bitterness.

• 3-gram container has 600 mg Total THC.

• Each 10 mg Bump provides 2 mg of THC.

• Pleasant drip. No bitterness

• Can be used in other formats; ingested directly or added to favorite food

• NON GMO, Gluten free, and Vegan

The kit even comes with a little coke spoon!

How does the cannabis community react?

Let me tell you something. We’ve seen many reactions to this product, and as you can imagine, almost all the feedback was (very) negative. Here are some of our favorites:

  • You might as well do crack cocaine. Imagine trying to explain this to someone, “No, no, it’s not what you think.”
  • I can’t wait to complicate the easiest drug around further. Call me when I can shoot myself up with pot.
  • It better come with a polo, and a collar popped to the high heavens
  • It looks like we can finally shoot up weed, what a time to be alive
  • Line it up for your friends and watch as they wonder why they’re suddenly so chill after coke.

We think that this is for sure a shitty way to promote cannabis products, and stuff like this definitely won’t help the image of the cannabis industry in general. The last thing we want to do is having discussions about cannabis being a gateway drug (again…).

If they already start to ban products like vaporizers and flavored blunt wraps, guess what could happen next… What do you think about this product? Would you try it or not? Let us know in the comments!

17 responses to “Canna Bumps – This Brand Wants You To Snort Your Weed”

  1. tommy.cothern says:

    How long have we tried getting cannabis legal and to be stupid enough to make it appear illicit is beyond stupid it’s right up there with Dumbass!!

  2. Donovan says:

    Why would anyone do this in high school it was just a joke to say we gunna do that we actually didn’t want this and most of us will not try it and its a good way to get it banned in legalized places

  3. Beverly says:

    Uhhhh… NO 👎! This would be a HUGE step backward in fight to get the world to see what a wonderful medicine/plant cannabis is.

  4. Ashley Burt says:

    This could be a great idea!! I struggle to smoke but eating edibles is also a great alternative for me. I like the idea of being able to add it to my food a little more then putting in my nose. But at the same time if we all didn’t know cocaine to be a snorted drug we might not feel so weird about this!! And it’s a WAY better alternative then actually snorting cocaine. Might even be able to help recovering drug addicts or people trying to lean off of cocaine. I would like to see more on this and maybe even a video of 2 chainz showing us how this works!!! He be showing us the most expensive marijuana around. Soooooo let’s see it!!

  5. Efrain says:

    It’s so nice to grow it, smell it, look at it, touch it, and smoke it. Anything else is just not natural. My 2 cents…

  6. Daniel Brooks says:

    Hell yes I would try why not it’s cannabis isn’t it a I don’t care what people think not one bit

  7. Jimi Jones says:

    This does sound a bit strange. Now if it was CBD instead I would give it a go.

  8. Jerome Rodgers says:

    Thanks for this Awesome update
    Im moving to Las Vegas Navada in a couple days
    That said are there any cannabis shops there

  9. Michael says:

    Fuck no

  10. Emerick Shawanda says:

    How do I get some to test it out???

  11. Tara says:

    One of the biggest pros of cannabis is that it is a plant that grows, it’s natural. Now you wanna turn it into faux cocaine?!?! Just STOP! This is beyond stupid… unless your trying to demonize cannabis all over again. Honestly, I hope the company making this goes bankrupt.

  12. Bree says:

    This is about the dumbest thing I’ve seen. We stoners have tried to fight the stigma of cannabis being a gateway drug when it’s not. But THIS, would be the beginning of that. Stop trying to do the most!

  13. Jenn says:

    This is exactly what the cannabis community has been trying to get away from, the stigma of it being like other drugs and the gateway drug. There’s no way you’ll even reach an audience who will even give you the time or day to say anything.. this is just wrong…

  14. Me says:

    Yeah because the coca and sugar cane plants are so fake.

  15. Cassie says:

    I’m definitely interested I can’t smoke so this would be a great product for me.

  16. Russia says:

    This is a horrible idea. It just triggered something in my brain that made me want coke. This is definitely a gate way to snorting things. Horrible idea.

  17. Jesse outen says:

    Im totally speechless Im a recovering drug addict and my first thought was cool I can shoot my weed now nice yalls gonna make recovering drug addicts relapse onto harder shit just watch Id probably still be out there using if it wasnt for weed but im just gonna stick to smoking it because its not normal to snort your fuckin weed

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