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Can You Mix Your Joints With Lavender?

In general, there are a lot of herbs you may combine with your weed to create different effects and smoking experiences.

There are many different options available, however many people in Europe and other areas of the world combine their weed or hash with tobacco or CBD flower. This doesn’t apply to cannabis consumers in America, where most stoners would never mix their weed with tobacco. Therefore, if you smoke weed with others, make sure to inform the others what’s inside if it’s not pure weed (trust us, it’s better for you…).

Some herbs are calming, some are aphrodisiacs, and some are wonderful bowl fillers to keep your bud fresh. These herbs provide a sensory pleasure for people who just desire a different smoking experience.

We’ll investigate whether lavender might be one of them in this article.

Lavender is a blooming plant that belongs to the mint family and is a medicinal herb with the scientific name Lavandula angustifolia. The characteristics that make it most recognizable are its powerful scent and distinctive color. Lavender was largely found in the mountains and hills of northern Africa, the Mediterranean, and India. It was grown as a bloom in little bushes. However, due to its popularity and high demand, it has now spread over the entire world. It belongs to the mint family of flowering plants and resembles sage or peppermint.

Can you smoke lavender?

Similar to smoking tobacco, lavender can be smoked. Dried lavender can be mixed with other herbs or ground into small, smokeable pieces and rolled into cigarettes. You might include it in other herbs, cannabis, or tobacco.

Fresh lavender smells similar to smoked lavender, which has a richer, smokier aroma more akin to incense. It has a powerful flavor as well.

Does smoking lavender have any health benefits?

There is no proof that smoking lavender has any positive effects on health.

There are more safer ways to use this plant, and while smoking lavender might allow someone to inhale a tiny quantity of lavender essential oil with the smoke, there is no scientific evidence to support this. Instead, consumers could diffuse or apply the essential oil.

There is some evidence that utilizing lavender essential oil may have some health benefits, as opposed to smoking lavender. According to a review published in 2019, prior research suggests that it may aid in wound healing, headache relief, anxiety relief, and sleep.

Is it harmful to your health to smoke lavender?

Exposure to smoke and other potentially carcinogenic substances is the greatest health risk connected with smoking lavender.

A person’s lungs are exposed to dangerous substances when smoking tobacco.

both the tobacco used in cigarettes and the additives to them. All of these compounds are not present in lavender cigarettes.

According to earlier investigations, the carbon monoxide levels in herbal cigarettes were comparable to those in tobacco cigarettes.

Have you ever mixed your weed with lavender? Let us know in the comments!

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