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British Man Caught Violating Corona Lockdown Said His Trip ‘Was Essential to Buy Weed’

A British man who was caught ignoring the coronavirus lockdown currently in place all over the UK had the best excuse anyone could possibly give for leaving the house.

His reason that anyone reading this article can definitely identify with was that he was on an “essential” errand because he “had to buy weed.”

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South Wales Police stopped the man in Cardiff, roughly 150 miles west of London, after the British government instructed people to stay home under all circumstances, except for essential reasons including food, medicine, or work that can’t be done from home.

The man told the police: “My journey is essential. I had to buy weed.”

This would probably be a good time to mention that cannabis in the United Kingdom is illegal for recreational use. There was no indication that the man had a medical marijuana license.

In a post shared on Twitter, South Wales Police said the unidentified man was reported for making a non-essential journey as well as possession of cannabis.

The tweet drew a number of angry responses from people calling on the British government to finally legalize recreational cannabis in the UK.

 “I agree weed is an essential item, that’s why in States where it is legal in the USA declared the legal marijuana dispensaries can remain open,” NORML UK, the UK branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, wrote. “Stuck indoors all day and you begrudge someone who wants a nice toke instead of catching real criminals.”

South Wales Police said the “vast majority” of people are heeding the government’s call to stay at home. 

If you absolutely must leave the house to buy some weed, at least pick up some food on the way, so you have an actual excuse to be outside.

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