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Ben & Jerry’s Bob Marley Ice Cream Is Now Available In the United States

As the summer times are right around the corner, our thoughts start to wander around beaches, sand, sea, cold drinks and of course – ice cream. When it comes to ice cream, the brand Ben & Jerry is quite famous all around the world. But what can make it taste even better? Ben & Jerry’s new approach is a bit different with their new “One love” taste which is inspired by Bob Marley.

The Rastafarians Kick In

If you are not aware, the name of the new taste comes from Bob Marley’s song – One love. Ben & Jerry’s ice creams are popular and do not need to use someone else’s name for marketing purposes. This new product is just showing praise to Bob Marley, his music, and views. The product was first released in the United Kingdom in 2016, but I guess Ben & Jerry decided that it is about time to share the taste with the United States also.

The Message

Of course, the ice cream is created in partnership with the Bob Marley family and even has a great cause behind it. Part of the ice cream’s income will support a Jamaican youth empowerment program.

According to the people from Ben & Jerry, people come in all sorts of flavors, just like ice cream, and together – we can create One Sweet World. This message can be portrayed shortly with the slogan “Peace, Love and Ice Cream.”

How much THC does it contain?

We bet you already started to assume, but let’s make things clear – One love does not contain any THC or CBD inside. This means that the sweet from “Vermont’s Finest” will be accessible across the country.

Since it doesn’t contain THC maybe you are interested to know what is inside of it? Well, from what we know, it is consisted of banana ice cream and includes 9% caramel, 6% cookie swirls and 4% chocolate peace signs. But the main thing is that part of the profit will support an annual camp that endorses youth empowerment and social change in Jamaica. Guess what, it is called One Love Youth Camp.

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