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Weed Price Comparison App Finds Your Favorite Strains And Saves You Money

A new app called Blaze allows users to compare weed prices of their favorite strains launched within a few weeks, and it is possibly the most exciting piece of technology to hit the cannabis market recently.

With the support of other cannabis users, those of you who enjoy a joint to relax in the evenings or for medical purposes will now be able to ensure that you are getting weed at the best prices in your area.

What is the Blaze App and what can it do?

A new app supported by the cannabis community was launched on 19th November 2018. The app was created to enable cannabis users fans to find their favorite strains without having to jump between several dispensary menus and quickly find the best deals.

Current features of the app include:

  • Search for your favorite strains and brands at the lowest prices in your area.
  • Compare prices of cannabis from different dispensaries quickly and easily
  • Become part of a like-minded, thriving community who update prices regularly and also confirm availability of products to help you avoid making wasted journeys.
  • View up to date menus from your favorite dispensaries
  • Can’t remember what you smoked? Make it a favorite Blaze will keep track for you!

There are also some additional features in the pipeline, which are coming soon. These include:

  • In-stock notifications: If your favorite products are sold out, automatic and up to date notifications will let you know when it is available again.
  • Best deals notifications: the Blaze deal engine will automatically let you know when a great deal appears in your area, saving you the hassle of performing time-consuming price comparisons.
  • Expanded social capabilities: Meet people in your area who share common interests including the love of nature’s finest herb!

How Can Blaze Help Me?

Have you looked online and went to the dispensary only to find your favorite strain of weed is more expensive than what you were expecting or even worse, out of stock? A lot of time we settle on a “similar” strain, but it never has the same effect. Have you bought weed only to find out it’s 25% cheaper at the next dispensary? The last thing we want to do is drive all over town or have buyers remorse.

Thanks to the Blaze App, you no longer have to worry about any of this. You can easily compare weed prices on your favorite strains without having to browse several store menus to find the best deals. The Blaze pricing engine does all of the hard work while saving you time and money.

How Much Will It Cost?

The app is entirely free. Just check it out at https://blaze.app to start saving on weed.

How Can I Publish My Product List On Blaze?

It’s a community. It’s social media. Blaze provides users the ability to enter, remove, or update products, stores, and prices. The power is in our users’ hands.

Where Can I View Blaze App And Compare Weed Prices?

You can start comparing weed prices at https://blaze.app right now.

Blaze Needs You!

If you want to contribute to the success of this innovating and handy app and get the best weed prices around, then you can become an active part of the community by registering for free. Since the primary source of data is user-generated, Blaze needs you to share the app with your friends and social network. The more users that sign up, the better the information and content will be! Make sure to follow Blaze on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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